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What’s Up September 24

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Welcome to What’s Up! Your one-stop source for everything going on in the world of Gears of War. With another quiet week in Gears 5, we’ve decided to reminisce a bit with a proper #ThrowbackThursday.

Nine years ago this week, Gears of War 3 launched marking an emotional conclusion to the original Gears of War trilogy. To commemorate this anniversary, we’ve gathered a few folks for them to share their memories of Gears 3.

Wicho, Content Creator:Gears of War 3 is one of the games that marked my story as a gamer, it gave me a passion for improving each passing day with the perk of having fun in the process. I’ve always believed that just like people need food or air, entertainment is also a necessity, and GoW 3 fulfilled that necessity in me. Before that, I was a casual campaign player, but when Gears 3 came along, besides the story representing lots of emotions to me as a fan of the game’s lore, I also fell in love with the multiplayer for the first time.

At the time the game came out, my family was going through hard times, issues that could affect me emotionally. Gears of War 3 helped me a lot during my hardest moments as a teenager since it represented a window to a world where I felt safe and free. In a strange way, the simple fact that I could stay indoors blasting music on max volume meant living the best moments of my days in those years. Without a doubt, Gears of War 3 represented one of the best experiences I’ve had in my story as a gamer and set the foundation that allowed me to start creating entertainment content about the series in the years that followed, with the intention of giving back something in return for how much the game did for me.

Greg Mitchell, Cinematics Director at The Coalition: Meant a lot of closure in the series – mostly the end of the original trilogy for us developing it.  We had storylines to wrap up regarding the whole planet of Sera, the potential end of the locust war, the completion of Dom’s story with his friend Marcus and wife Maria, and Marcus’ reunion with his father, Adam.  It also meant new beginnings – the potential of a new world for everyone, especially for Marcus and Anya.

Personally, it was a bit overwhelming as there were big expectations in wrapping it up and in turn hopefully giving the fans what they want.

TheRazoredEdge, Content Creator: Gears of War 3 to me is a significant moment in time. It was the culmination of my favorite story in all of gaming, as well as the biggest multiplayer Gears of War had ever seen at that point. I had personally been creating content around Gears of War since about 2008 but on a very casual level. When Gears of War 3 was coming around, something about it made me take content creation a lot more seriously, which is probably a big reason as to why I’m still dedicated to the franchise to this day. From the moment Gears of War 3 was shown at E3 2010 it was just an absolute rollercoaster as a Gears of War fan. The Gears of War 3 Beta was probably one of the most memorable gaming experiences I’ve ever had, you could really feel that it was a special game just from seeing the amount of interest there was. I still remember all the special moments I shared with my friends playing the campaign and multiplayer, as well as all the new relationships I formed solely because the game existed, and the same goes for all Gears of War games. It’s incredible to think about how long some of us have been around for.

EMK Krauser, Content Creator: To me, Gears of War 3 represents the end of a stunning trilogy that took the series to what many consider “the golden age” of the franchise, which brought about meaningful changes, creating for the first a time a game mode where we could use the Locust, improving Horde, and taking the multiplayer to the next level by adding Team Deathmatch, which is considered today a key game mode in any Gears title, not forgetting that it was the first Gears where we could enjoy campaign along with 3 other friends, but even when I had followed the series from the start, it was with this installment that my path as a content creator began.

Being part of EMK, one of the most renowned clans at the time, we were organizing tons of community events to hang out and play with people. Those matches were my first YouTube videos and little by little I became more engaged with the community, doing commentary, news, and theory videos about the future of the series. Even if it’s not a perfect game, Gears of War 3 gave me great experiences like the night sale when it was released, me walking out of the store like a child in Christmas along with a special edition console and collector’s figures, as well as having the chance of being among the first players to access the multiplayer beta. Without a doubt, Gears of War came into my life way before, but it was until Gears of War 3 when it turned into something that I could call essential in my life. After almost 9 years creating online content about Gears and expanding my collection, it’d be very unlikely that I walked away from this beautiful series!

Shadowz, Content Creator: Gears of War 3 have always meant to me as the ultimate Gears package to the fans that served its purpose as both the ending and the beginning. An ending in the sense that it was the finale to the original trilogy story that contained many EPIC moments such as Dominic Santiago sacrifice to the reuniting Fenix showdown against Queen Myrrah for all humanity on Sera. But the beginning in the form of playable Locust creatures in Beast mode, fortifications tower defense gameplay in Horde mode, competitive solid PVP multiplayer to the world building environments of the Campaign to really show off the massive potential in the Gears franchise and despite everything how much more Gears of War had to give.

What’s your favorite moment from Gears of War 3?

Wicho: To me, the best moment of Gears of War 3 is the ending. Seeing how all Sera becomes free of Locust and Lambent after all the sacrifices that were made as a species, all the losses that those who survived experienced, Marcus Fenix’s especially, it moved me so much. The first time I saw Clayton Carmine being the sole known survivor of his family made me very excited. And realizing in the final scene that the next big challenge for our heroes was to keep going with their lives after so many years at war was simply an unforgettable moment. All this musicalized by one of the best soundtrack composers that have existed, Steve Jablonsky, created a perfect, touching atmosphere for any Gears of War fan. Hands down one of the best endings there’s ever been in video games and the franchise in my view.

Greg Mitchell: Do I have to name one?!  It’s always the character moments that get me especially Cole’s flashback in the Thrashball stadium and Dom’s sacrifice in Mercy.  There’s also Adam’s demise, Marcus’ final showdown with the Queen Myrrah, and the beach finale – I’ve got a soft spot for them all.

TheRazoredEdge: There’s some easy ways answers to this; if I were to be asked off the top of my head there would probably be some of the more famous moments that would come to mind. But when I really sit down to think about it, I think my favorite moment from Gears of War 3 was the scene between Marcus Fenix and Griffin shortly after Dom had made the ultimate sacrifice. Marcus had been through a lot throughout the entire Gears of War story, but he had always managed to keep his cool and move forward with what needed to be done. But the moment Griffin got in his face after everything he had just been through lead to a moment where Marcus actually cracked. This moment really showed me how much Dom meant to Marcus. Nothing ever broke him, but losing Dom was just too much. And I think a big reason why he didn’t just give up by the end is because he had Anya to help him through it all. She gave him the tomorrow that she promised. I think this is a big reason why JD resonates with people so well, especially for me. I recommend watching the Gears of War 4 “Tomorrow” trailer to see what I mean.

EMK Krauser: My favorite moment was when Marcus stabbed Myrrah. After Marcus lost his father and Dom, it was very satisfying and sad as well, especially considering that at the time we thought it would be the end of it all.

That might have been a stretch further than just describing my favorite moment, but I think giving it context helps paint the picture of why it is my favorite Gears of War 3 moment.

Shadowz: My favorite moment from Gears of War 3 definitely has to be Dominic Santiago’s sacrifice because it still to this day 9 years later hits me right in the feels and brings me emotionally right back to the first time I ever played through the Campaign no matter how many times I watch it. From the incredible voicing performance by Carlos, the Mad world theme song to the ultimate sacrifice of courage Dom selflessly gave to Marcus & Delta Squad so they could go on & live, while he looked forward to joining Maria & his kids. It will truly forever go down as a Top 5 moment in gaming history & one of the best endings to a character’s development ever.

The nostalgia doesn’t end here. Greg Mitchell is going to join us today on our Developer Stream as he shares stories from the development of Gears 3 including a few alternate takes on some big story moments.

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