A Snatcher rises up, tentacles spread and mouth agape, silhouetted by a setting sun behind. The scene awash in golden light. Three weaponless soldiers kneel down before the Snatcher waiting to be taken. Lahni and Keegan their arms spread out in surrender, as Mac inserts his rebreather waiting to be taken.

E3 2019 – Escape Reveal

Official Versus Trailer: Close up COG vs Swarm Lancer duel

Official Versus Trailer

Arcade Explained: 5v5 Swarm squad face off against COG squad

Arcade Explained

Escalation Explained: Lancer Duel in front of the District Map theater

Escalation Explained

Escape Explained: Swarm Hive background with Gears 5 Escape logo

Escape Explained

Lab Coat Baird holds a tablet in his hands. From the tablet, a holographic map is projected in front of him, a map tile sliding into place to complete a new map layout.

Map Builder Explained

Terminator Dark Fate T-800 stands in a post-apocalyptic environment holding the new Gears 5 lancer.

E3 2019 – Terminator Dark Fate Reveal

Kait stares at the camera clutching her amulet to her chest with the Locust symbol visible

E3 2019 – Kait Broken

Kait holds up her mother's amulet for Marcus to see

E3 2018 – Cinematic Announce