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This Week in Gears – July 6 – 12

Hello everyone! It’s time, once more for another This Week in Gears fresh off the back of Operation 7 – Drop 2!

A COG character strangling a Horde enemy inside a church

A throwback to Gears 3, this Versus Event is all about you versus another player. Set on the 2 v 2 Mercy map, this throws you into the Mercy Church to try and secure the victory. Oh, and of course the Gears 3 filter is enabled for this.

A special medal group is available to be completed during this, and you can find the full details on that below.

Medal NameDescriptionStars
No Mercy Complete 10 rounds 
Got Another! Do 25,000 damage 
Ain’t So Tough Get 25 kills  
That’s gotta hurt Win 5 matches 
Mercy 1v1 Medal Group

Completion of this medal group will grant 3,000 Gear Coins!

A variety of Horde enemies marching, ready to attack

Horde Mania features fast, intense waves and an extremely short build time. Your team will feel the pressure of near-constant action across 25 waves. All maps will be in rotation during this event, and we can’t wait to see just how messy this will get!

Glowing pipes from a section of a Gears 5 multiplayer map

A hive with different encounters each time you play.

Some of the new store items available in the Gears 5 Store
  • Sharpshooter Mikayla – 500 Iron
  • Croc Weapon Set – 850 Iron
  • Unicorn Banner – 200 Iron
  • You Missed Bloodspray – 250 Iron
  • “No” Mark – 125 Iron
Some of the featured store items available in the Gears 5 Store
  • Kilo Squad Baird – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gear Coins
  • Niles Legacy Set – 850 Iron, 6,800 Gear Coins
  • Unicorn Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gear Coins
  • Unicorn Mark – 65 Iron, 500 Gear Coins
  • Clash Banner – 100 Iron, 800 Gear Coins

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

The Gears Pro League continues! As the push towards the end of Split 3 continues. For those of you watching the league, you can be in the running for a glorious weapon set (Syndrome) and Black Steel Kait!

The full information on this week’s matches and the table can be found here!

Keep an eye out on the EGL Gears 5 Site for more tournaments taking place across EU and SA!

Black Steel Armored Anya
  • Black Steel Armored Anya – 2.99 USD

Our specially themed Gears Glory this month is all focused on Pets! For this, we’ve been asking you to send us your adorable images of you and your Pets!

And as always, we’ve picked out some favorites!

In addition to the above, we’ll be releasing the following server updates:

  • Added the Locust Sniper and Flame Grenadier to the Essentials store.
  • Capture the Flag has now been added to Custom.
  • Removed Mercy as the map you see on the Main Menu, the game will now rotate through each map giving you a different main menu on each launch.
  • Addressed an issue with Mercy’s rings on Control.
  • The following maps have now been added to the competitive rotation for Execution:
    • Dam
    • Foundation
    • Harbor
    • Nexus
    • Reactor
    • Reclaimed
    • Regency
    • Speyer
    • Training Grounds

And as always, take care and have a wonderful week!


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