Gears 5 標誌

Hotfix Update: TU 5.1.1

Baird builds a map

We have just rolled out another small Hotfix Title Update to Gears 5, shortly after the release of TU 5.1 last week.

The purpose of this hotfix is primarily to address a small issue introduced in TU 5.1 that needs to be resolved as part of our Xbox Live compliance. There was no user facing impact based on this issue, and there will be no user facing change after this issue is addressed.

Additionally, we’ve also taken the opportunity to sneak in a few additional small fixes with this hotfix!

  • Added the new Shooter Control Scheme
  • ‘Assault Rifle Kills’ Tour Objective will now appear correctly
  • Fixed an incorrect logo on the Elevate content
  • Mouse: Fixed an issue preventing interaction with the quick menu if a pop up alert was active

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