Gears 5 標誌

First Maps Revealed

The ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series debuted Gears 5 Versus with the freshly revamped competitive mode Escalation, new combat mechanics and the introduction of two Gears 5 maps.

A high-tech battleground established outside the legendary House of Sovereigns, Training Grounds concentrates the action around elevated defensive positions overlooking both center lanes.

Located in a new COG settlement, District is an urban map with tight lanes and close-range combat that demands strong team coordination to capture hills and eliminate your opponents.

The tournament also included 3 maps remastered exclusively for Gears Esports – Foundation, Dam and Forge Blitz. These maps needed to be included in order to meet the required number of maps for the best of three and best of five matches.

We’ll share more information about upcoming Gears 5 maps soon.

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