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What’s Up – March 12th 2020

A series of COG line up in front of a big 15

Welcome to What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything that’s happened in the past week and talk a little about future developments. In What’s Up this week:

  • Horde Frenzy Returns, Wednesday Tuning Pass
  • St Patrick’s Celebration Event now live
  • Free week of Boost and Double Horde Character XP
Kait and JD face off against incoming Swarm

In case you missed the news, our new Horde variant Horde Frenzy launched earlier this week! It’s 12 waves of bite-size intense action that you can complete in roughly 30 minutes.

Following some initial feedback, we released a server-side update to address a couple of issues around progression:

  • Significantly increased base Character XP gains
  • Doubled Skill Drop rewards for full Horde Frenzy completions

These changes bring Horde Frenzy up to be one of the most efficient ways to level up Characters and grab Skill Cards in Horde!

Finally, to address a few comments we’ve seen online, we are happy to confirm Horde Frenzy is a permanent addition and not just a special event. We’ll be adding more maps to the playlist with the launch of Operation 3, followed by enabling Horde Frenzy in Custom Lobbies as soon as the relevant UI / tech work has been completed.

We received reports this week that Luck of the Draw was not contributing to the Versus Special Event Medals, and as of yesterday’s server-side update, this issue is now resolved. Thanks for all your reports.

We’re continuing to look into issues with leaderboards on The Descent and The Gauntlet. While we have resolved the negative time reporting issue, we’ve identified an issue for previous players of the Hive that may cause their time to not update.

Our team are working on a solution and we’ll keep you apprised. Given the intention of these Hives returning is a second shot at rewards, we’ll be discussing any potential further plans given the new issues that have come to light.

Thank you very much for your patience while we work on a resolution.

On top of Horde Frenzy launching this week, we’ve had plenty going on in Gears 5 this week.

  • Horde Frenzy Live Now
  • Free Week of Boost
  • Double Horde Character XP
  • TU4.2 Released
  • St Patrick’s Festivities

For full information on all these events and updates, you can read the full article here.

While this week’s What’s Up is all recap, next week we’ll be looking forwards as we discuss some of the quality of life improvements coming in Operation 3.

In the meantime, we hope you have a blast with Horde Frenzy – we have been! – and enjoy a weekend chock full of Boost.

TC, out.

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