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Gears 5 Live Update: September 20th

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This morning, we have deployed a number of server-side updates to Gears 5 targeting matchmaking improvements and revisions to Ranked Execution based on community feedback.

  • DBNO Time: 24 seconds (12 seconds when tapping up and not moving)
  • Round Timer: 4 Minutes (was 2)
  • Weapon Swaps
    • Buzzkill -> Incendiary Grenades
    • Salvo -> Torque Bow
    • Cryo Cannon ->Torque Bow
    • Markza -> Hammerburst
    • Mulcher -> Longshot
    • Breaker Mace -> Claw
  • Weapon Respawns: After Use (was after pickup)
  • Removed Bots
  • Improvements to Quality of Service matchmaking based on community feedback
  • Removed Warzone from Co-Op vs AI

We are also working on a number of other service updates that will be covered in a blog post later today.

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