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What’s Up – July 4th 2019

Welcome to What’s Up Gears fans! We’re here to bring you the latest and greatest news, community content and more from the Gearsiverse.

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • July is the month of Gears 5 Versus!
  • Get a sneak peek look at Versus this Friday
  • Full Versus reveal at ELEAGUE Invitational on July 13-14
  • Earn Esports Kait in Gears 4 and Gears 5

This Friday, you’ll get your first ever look at Gears 5 Versus as part of ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series Episode 4!

This episode centers around young pro player star Powerz who, along with fellow pro Kenny, got  hands on with Gears 5’s Escalation mode at our studio here in Vancouver, Canada. During the episode, you’ll get a sneak peek at some Versus gameplay and learn a whole lot more about Gears 5 Escalation!

Tune in this Friday at 11pm ET / 8pm PT on TBS (East Coast) and Twitch.TV/GearsofWar. The episode will also re-run on Twitch when it airs for West Coast viewers on TBS at 2am PT / 11pm PT.

While this Friday will give you just a taste of Gears 5 Versus, the full reveal is not far behind.

Next weekend, on July 13th and 14th, we’ll be at Turner Studios in Atlanta for the ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series Tournament where the veil will lift on Gears 5 Versus in style!

We’ve invited 8 of the top teams in the world to compete on Gears 5 for the first time live and unfiltered. We’ll also be telling you more about Gears Versus all up, as we start an ongoing conversation about what to expect both in the Tech Test and in the final Versus experience this September.

If you are looking to secure your Esports Kait character on the Road to Gears 5, you’ll need to watch 60 minutes of the tournament over the course of the weekend while logged in to to complete Part 2 of the challenge. This will be your one and only chance to complete this objective, so don’t miss out!

As a reminder, Part 1 of the Challenge is to complete 5 Matches of Escalation. You can find out more about the Road to Gears 5 by clicking here.

Clear your calendar for next weekend and join us beginning 1pm, July 13th on or via the B/R Live premium sports streaming service.

A COG soldier and Swarm Drone are locked in dueling weapon battle in a dark courtyard. Sparks fly off a Lancer chainsaw. Behind, Del has frozen another Swarm Drone. while a COG Soldier runs up behind the frozen enemy to smash him to pieces.

We know you have plenty of questions about the Technical Test – from how long it will run, to how you can get it and which retailers will offer access. The good news is answers are coming VERY soon – like tomorrow soon. For those looking to take a sick vacation day, the Tech Test begins on July 19.

An Imago squats in front of a clocktower, pointing a Hammerburst towards camera

Gears 4 is still going strong 1001 days after release with a new rotation of events and the arrival of Ranked Season 7!

Last Weekend of 5XP

5XP ends on Tuesday, July 9th. If you want that next Wings or Re-Up, now is the time to get your Gears on!

Ranked Season 7

Ranked Season 7 has arrived, resetting ranks for one last Ranked grind before Gears 5. Ranked Season 7 will run past the release of Gears 5, so you’ve got plenty of time to earn one last round of Placement Weapon Skins.

This month’s placement skins are the Gnasher, Markza, Longshot, Boltok and Snub. You can claim up to your highest current placement at

For those looking for Season 6 Rewards based on high watermark placements, you’ll be able to claim your Weapon Skins in the coming weeks once we’ve finished processing all the data. At that same point, the final Diamond Master Emblem for Gears 4 will roll out to the elite few who earned it.

We’ll be talking about the future of Gears 4, including Ranked, closer to the release of Gears 5.

Special Events

Our latest rotation of Special Events brings the intensity.

For Versus Fans, keep your heads down and your eyes up with the return of Stay Frosty. High-damage Hammerbursts and headshotting Boltoks make for an intense rifle-centric special event.

For Horde players, the 10 wave insanity of Boss Rush returns as our featured playlist. Why fight one boss when you can fight up to five?

That’s all from us this week. While this What’s Up is a little short and sweet, the next few weeks are going to be a tidal wave of new Gears 5 footage, details, streams, videos and – most importantly – hands on time!

Stay tuned for more Versus Tech news tomorrow. See you then.


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