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This Week in Gears: October 27- November 2

Versus Event: Pumpkinball

The Pumpkinball Versus Playlist Event for the week of Oct 27 through Nov 2

The scariest week of the year is hear so we’re bringing back the spooky classic Pumpkinball.

Pumpkin Ball is a Dodgeball variant where the dead rise…as DBNO players self-revive almost instantly. Our recommendations, hold your shot, embrace the double tap and clean up your downs.

Featured Horde Event: Mad Man’s Monsters

The horde logo for the Mad Man's Monsters Event

The classic 20 wave Horde event, where COG Heroes go head to head with Swarm enemies wearing Juvie Pumpkin Heads, Frankenstein’s Imago, and Sires is here for one more week of frightful fun.

Featured Hive: The Mist

​The latest Hive keeps the creepy feel going.  

In The Mist, you and your squad must navigate your way to the exit through a dense fog. This isn’t the time for trick or treating. as the enemies will use the lack of visibility to their advantage and ambush you any chance they get.

Weekly Store:

The new items in the Gears store for the week of Oct 27, 2020
  • Zombie Benjamin Carmine – 250 Iron
  • Ghost Full Set – 850 Iron
  • Halloween 2020 banner – 0 Gears Coins
The featured items in the Gears store for the week of Oct 27, 2020
  • Frankenstein’s Imago – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Jack O’Lantern Full Set – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins
  • Jack O’Lantern Mark – 65 Iron or 500 Gears Coins
  • Halloween 2019 banner – 0 Gears Coins
The Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Vermello
  • Chrome Steel Onyx Guard Vermello – $9.99 USD

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