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THIS WEEK IN GEARS 5: June 29 – July 7

Versus Event: Classic Execution

Kait about to execute a downed enemy

When one life is all you got then every life matters!

This week get ready for Execution complete with that classic Gears vibe – all weapon placements will only use Gears 1 weapons.

Keep an eye on our Twitter this Wednesday, July 1 to vote for next week’s event playlist. Don’t forget, this is the final playlist of Operation 3, and the final medal challenge needed to claim the Niles Boomshot.

Featured Hives:

Multiple characters inside a control room

For the last two weeks of the season, we’re bringing back two hives from early Operation 3 for those of you that missed out or want another chance to earn better rewards.

The Barracks:

In the Barracks, you’re faced with a split path, venom race of death. Take advantage of the Venom Fan rooms to buy time from impending doom – if you can outrun the venom, the reward is better weapons and COG tags!

For the unlucky few that can’t outrun the Venom, you’re second act will be much more difficult with no COG tags and less resources.


Top 5%: Toxic Gnasher

Top 10%: Stripes Lancer

Top 50%: Stripes Breaker Mace

Completion: 2000xp

The Detour:

In the Detour, you’ll head down an increasingly tough corridor in a perilous first act with multiple exits and endless enemies.


Top 5%:Toxic Breaker Mace

Top 10%: Stripes Boomshot

Top 50%: 2000xp

Completion: 1000xp

Weekly Store:

Some of the items available in the store for June 29
  • Collector’s Thrashball Cole
  • Scrap Full Set
  • Casket Bloodspray
  • Shark Banner
  • Casket Mark

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