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THIS WEEK IN GEARS 5: June 23-30

Versus Event: Golden Gun

A character holding a boltok about to execute an enemy that is lying on the ground.

Aiming is for the weak!

Golden Gun features insta-gib boltoks that can only be hipfired. Hit your shot and your weapon is instantly reloaded. Miss…you better get dodging cause that reload will feel like it takes forever.

As an added bonus, if you get 30 pistol eliminations before the end of Operation 3 – you’re one step closer to completing the Versus Events medal group and claiming the Niles Boomshot.

Keep an eye on our Twitter this Wednesday, June 24. We’re giving you the chance to vote for next week’s event playlist. Choose wisely.

Featured Hive

A Reject crawling on the ground with other Rejects in different standing positions behind it.

There is only one more week to navigate and survive The Corruption. This deadly hive is built around an overwhelming amount of Rejects. Take care as you search for explosive weaponry to deal with the onslaught of rejects.

Weekly Store

An example of the new items available in the store.
  • Firestarter Benjamin – 500 Iron
  • Blocked Sniper Set – 500 Iron
  • Cobweb Assault Set – 500 Iron
  • Boxing Gloves Bloodspray – 100 Iron
  • Disco Expression – 400 Iron

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