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THIS WEEK IN GEARS 5: July 28 – Aug 3

Versus Event: Hyper Dodgeball

Two COG soldiers wielding knives with a third soldier in the background holding a firearm.

It’s classic Dodgeball with a hyper-speed twist – near-instant respawn times, so now your kills bring back teammates from the dead and back into the fight ASAP!

Featured Horde: Abyss

a COG Soldier in a turret shooting at a swarm of oncoming enemies

The Abyss is circular style map with a giant pit in the center. But we’ve added a little something different – four stationary turrets around a pit located in the center of the map. Choose your spot wisely as each turret can shoot over the pit into different parts of the map.

Maybe it’s just us, but this is the kind of Horde bedlam we can really get into.

Featured Hive: The Malfunction

We’re rolling over The Malfunction to give you more chances to amp up the difficulty and prove your skills!

Weekly Store:

New items in the Gears store for July 28
  • Nomad (male) – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Knife Tricks Expression – 300 iron
  • We’re Pinned Banner – 200 Iron
Featured items in the Gears store for July 28
  • Collector’s Queen Myrrah – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Queen’s Seal Banner – 100 Iron or 800 Gears Coins
  • Queen’s Seal Mark – 65 Iron or 500 Gears Coins
  • Queen’s Seal Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins

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