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This Week in Gears: January 19 – 25

Hello everyone!

With another week upon us, we have another edition of This Week in Gears lined up for you.

Versus Event: 14 Player FFA

The Versus Event Logo

The Gears bedlam is HUGE this week with the return of 14 player FFA! You start with a Gnasher and Smoke but can quickly upgrade your loadout by grabbing one of the power weapons conveniently placed throughout the map. And for fights this big, we’re featuring our dedicated FFA tile-maps – War Room, Pit, Nethercutt, and Core.

This event will be staying around for two weeks giving you plenty of time to get stuck in and take care of business.

Enjoy, and watch your six.


A frantic battle between two sides in a Horde battle

There is no Horde event this week but don’t fret PvE fans. There is still the daily Horde challenge as well as the daily & weekly Escape Hive (The Detour) which are chocked full of great rewards.

Gears Glory

Last week we announced Gears Glory an opportunity for you to send us your favorite pieces of content you’ve created and we’re blown away by some of the fantastic posts we’ve seen.

With such a passionate community here, we love stumbling across content you tag us in, whether it be an awesome clip, a tattoo or cosplay we can never have enough Gears love to share when it comes to these incredible efforts.

As a reminder we’ll be doing a theme for each month but to kick this particular theme off we’re allowing you to submit whatever you’d like to us for this month.

You can submit your community content via the hashtag #GearsGlory on Twitter and Instagram, throughout the month we’ll be highlighting our favourites culminating with our selected favourites at the end of January, after that we’ll be going into dedicated themes for each month.

Weekly Store

New store items for the week of Jan 19, 2021
  • Hollow Storm Clayton – 500 Iron
  • Hivebuster Dom – 250 Iron
  • Sweep the Floor Expression – 300 Iron
  • Cobra Bloodspray– 125 Iron

Feature Store

Featured store items for the week of Jan 19, 2021
  • Winter Armor Fahz –250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Savage Elite Hunter – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Niles Legacy Set – 850 Iron, 6,800 Gears Coins
  • Snub: Gut Kick Execution – 300 Iron, 2,400 Gears Coins

Gears Esports

There will be no Chrome Steel skins for the next two weeks; however, when they come back it will be a selection of previously released Chrome Steel skins that you may have missed out on!

And yes, we still have more new Chrome Steel skins to unveil.

New TC Community Manager – TC Kilo

It’s taken some time but we’re very excited to announce our new Community Manager – TC Kilo. He’s been around the Gears world for a while (you may remember him as Shaunyowns).  You will see him on Reddit, in the forums, and everywhere in between.  He’s taken over the old Octus Twitter account so if you don’t already follow him – you can find him here. He’ll also be on this week’s stream for us to do a proper in-person introduction. Welcome TC Kilo!


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