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This Week in Gears: December 1 – 7

This Week in Gears will fill you in on everything happening in-game this week for Gears 5!

Beyond the usual store and event updates, we’re also adding the most recent tuning to the developer playlist so make sure to play and pass along any feedback.

We’ve also added the Scorcher to the maps below. Please note that weapon spawns have a 50% chance of being one of the following:

  • Blood Drive: Scorcher and Dropshot 
  • Lift: Scorcher and Boomshot
  • Exhibit: Scorcher and Dropshot 
  • Forge: Scorcher and Boomshot

Versus Event: FFA Gnashers Only

The Gnashers Only Free For All Emblem on an orange flame background

Just you, your Gnasher and your dream of ruining the day of seven other players.

Lace up your best bouncing shoes on and head into Gnashers Only FFA this week to prove your skills.

Horde Event: Classic Horde

Classic Horde is… well, Classic, meaning there are no fabricators, ultimate abilities, skill cards or passives, and everyone starts off with a Lancer, Gnasher and Snub.

Unlike the original Horde, however, the Classic Horde playlist uses the Horde Frenzy model of 12 waves with a boss every 4 waves. The playlist will also be restricted to only the new maps introduced in Operation 5, giving players a great opportunity to try out the new maps as well!

As an added treat, we’re rolling out a Classic Horde medal group where you can earn the complete Bloody Weapon set.

Here are the challenges:

  • Classically Trained – Survive 36 waves of the Classic Horde event
  • Lone Wolf – Get 100 kills with the Gnasher (any MP mode)
  • Hold ‘em Back – Get 100 kills with the Lancer (any MP mode)
  • Scavenger – Get 25 kills with heavy weapons (any MP mode)

The Bloody Lancer is seen against a Gears 5 background. It is part of the Bloody Weapon Set and is earnable in the Classic Horde medal group.

Escape Hive: The Gauntlet

Fresh weekly hive. Fresh weekly rewards.

The Gauntlet returns! This intense, one-act Hive forces you and your squad to battle through three huge fights (and bosses) in rapid succession to escape the Venom in time.  

Weekly Store

The new items available now in the Gears Store for the week of Dec 1 until Dec 7
  • Stranded Dizzy – 500 Iron
  • Dizzy Banner – 100 Iron
  • Dizzy Skull Mark – 65 Iron

Feature Store

The featured items available now in the Gears Store from Dec 1 until Dec 7
  • Winter Armor JD – 250 iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Swarm Winter Sniper – 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Frigid Blast Weapon Set (Full) – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins
  • Snowflake Bloodspray – 125 Iron or 1,000 Gears Coins


The Chrome Steel Hivebuster Mac Skin, available now in the Gears Store for a limited time
  • Chrome Steel Hivebuster Mac – $9.99 USD

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