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This Week In Gears 5: April 14-20

Ranked Gridiron

Ranked Gridiron is ready to roll into matchmaking beginning Tuesday April 14th!

We know many of you out there have been ready to tear it up and prove your skill in a new one-life based mode, and we can’t wait to watch your race to Masters.

Regardless of if you are out there to prove yourself or just to have fun, we’ve got a little something extra for you too.

Cole Train Comin’ Through!

The iconic Thrashball Cole Character Skin is smashing it’s way into Gears 5 beginning tomorrow!

For a limited time, fire up Gridiron and win 25 rounds (not matches!) to add Thrashball Cole to your collection.

Don’t forget, you’ll still need to have unlocked Cole as a Character in order to equip this skin, but you can still earn the skin before unlocking Cole.

Thrashball Cole is earnable from Tuesday, April 14th at ~10am PT – Tuesday, April 28th at ~10am PT. You can track progress in your Tour of Duty Medals.

Versus Tuning Update

In last week’s What’s Up, we mentioned the team is looking to quickly address some emerging feedback from the launch of Operation 3.

We are currently aiming to deploy an update later this week to Versus tuning. Stand by for full details and a release date once we lock the final changes.

Escape Hive: The Choke

You know in movies and games when the mechanical door opens way too slow, making for a tense back-against-the-wall showdown against an increasing flood of enemies? Well, that’s The Choke in a nutshell.

To reach the saferoom and the exit, you’ll need to activate a slow-raising bridge – and pulling the lever awakes the Hive! Explore, arm up and prepare for a stand off.

Weekly Store

  • Collector’s Clayton Carmine Character Skin – 250 Iron
  • After You Expression – 300 Iron
  • Winter Weapon Skin Full Set – 300 Iron
  • Kryll Gnasher Weapon Skin – 400 Iron
  • Training Wheels Mark – 50 Iron