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What’s Up – June 25

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Welcome to What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything big in the world of Gears. In What’s Up this week:

  • New tuning coming to Versus
  • Improved PVE skill card drop rates
  • Classic Execution wins over OSOK

In last week’s What’s Up, we announced the return of the Developer’s Playlist. Since then, we’ve been testing the impact of removing adhesion (aim assist) from all weapons and changes to the active reload system.

In short, the response to these changes have been overwhelmingly positive. Effective next Tuesday, June 30th, we’re rolling out this new tuning as standard across all Versus modes. Note: The adhesion changes won’t impact our competitive esports mode, Escalation but the new active reload will be added.

An example of nine skill cards for PVE combat

The team has been looking at skill card drop rates and it’s apparent that changes were needed – especially at the lower modifiers.

Effective today, you will be able to earn all skill card rarities – regardless of what level you’re playing. Of course, your odds of landing a higher rarity card will dramatically increase as you play at higher difficulties.

We have more PvE updates coming in Operation 4 which we will share with you soon.

Kait about to execute a downed enemy

The votes are in and you want Execution! Barring any last-minute vote surge, Execution will be added as a special event playlist next Tuesday.

We’re adding a classic twist – weapon placements will only feature Gears 1 weapons. Get ready for some Hammerburst crossfire! And before you ask…we couldn’t get 4v4 Execution but the team is looking into making it happen for a future event.

To coincide with Execution, we’re also adding a 25 Gnasher kills to the Versus Events medal group.

We’ve seen your requests for other modes (*cough* Guardian *cough*) and we have some fun plans coming in Op 4. Stay tuned!!

Don’t forget to watch Twitter next Wednesday as you get to vote on the final weekly playlist of Operation 3.

That’s it from us this week. Don’t forget to drop by today’s stream as we chat about Gears of War lore with author Jason Hough and our Franchise Narrative Director Bonnie Jean Mah.


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