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Prestiges shown in a chevron pattern followed by images of the different game modes


Rank up to earn exclusive rewards

Every Operation brings a new Tour of Duty that contains earnable exclusive customization to Gears 5. Complete daily objectives or Tour medals to earn stars. Every star gets you closer to the next rank. Rank up to unlock exclusive rewards.


Collector's Winter Armor Marcus reward

Collector's Winter Armor Marcus

rankPrivate 1
Training Gnasher reward

Training Gnasher

rankPrivate II
Snapped Execution reward

Snapped Execution

rankPrivate III
50 Iron reward

50 Iron

rankCorporal 1
Skull Of Spades Bloodspray reward

Skull Of Spades Bloodspray

rankCorporal II
Frigid Blast Gnasher reward

Frigid Blast Gnasher

rankCorporal III
50 Iron reward

50 Iron

rankSergeant 1
Sergeant II Banner reward

Sergeant II Banner

rankSergeant II
Training Boomshot reward

Training Boomshot

rankSergeant III
Onyx Guard Casan reward

Onyx Guard Casan

rankStaff Sergeant 1
Triple Exclamation Mark reward

Triple Exclamation Mark

rankStaff Sergeant II
Onyx Guard Gnasher reward

Onyx Guard Gnasher

rankStaff Sergeant III
Ow Bloodspray reward

Ow Bloodspray

rankSergeant First Class 1
100 Iron reward

100 Iron

rankSergeant First Class II
Training Longshot reward

Training Longshot

rankSergeant First Class III
Trinity of Worms Mark reward

Trinity of Worms Mark

rankMaster Sergeant 1
Classic Kait reward

Classic Kait

rankMaster Sergeant II
Frigid Blast Hammerburst reward

Frigid Blast Hammerburst

rankMaster Sergeant III
SMH Bloodspray reward

SMH Bloodspray

rankSergeant Major 1
Gutted Execution reward

Gutted Execution

rankSergeant Major II
Onyx Guard Overkill reward

Onyx Guard Overkill

rankSergeant Major III
Hivebuster Lizzie reward

Hivebuster Lizzie

rankOfficer 1
Officer II Banner reward

Officer II Banner

rankOfficer II
Training Enforcer reward

Training Enforcer

rankOfficer III
100 Iron reward

100 Iron

rankLieutenant 1
Lieutenant II Banner reward

Lieutenant II Banner

rankLieutenant II
Frigid Blast Longshot reward

Frigid Blast Longshot

rankLieutenant III
Spider Bloodspray reward

Spider Bloodspray

rankCaptain 1
Captain II Banner reward

Captain II Banner

rankCaptain II
Workout Fahz reward

Workout Fahz

rankCaptain III
Garbage Can Mark reward

Garbage Can Mark

rankMajor 1
Major II Banner reward

Major II Banner

rankMajor II
DR-1 Protector reward

DR-1 Protector

rankMajor III
Frigid Blast Boomshot reward

Frigid Blast Boomshot

rankLieutenant Colonel 1
100 Iron reward

100 Iron

rankLieutenant Colonel II
Gilded Baird reward

Gilded Baird

rankLieutenant Colonel III
Griffin Imulsion Logo Mark reward

Griffin Imulsion Logo Mark

rankColonel 1
Colonel II Banner reward

Colonel II Banner

rankColonel II
Deadeye reward


rankColonel III
100 Iron reward

100 Iron

rankMajor General 1
Major General II Banner reward

Major General II Banner

rankMajor General II
Pistol Fingers Expression reward

Pistol Fingers Expression

rankMajor General III
Blood Red Speaker reward

Blood Red Speaker