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This Week in Gears – September 28 – October 4

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another This Week in Gears blog.

The Versus Torquebow icon

Torque Bow Tag is back and it’s all about madly sticking arrows.

This is a 5v5 TDM playlist where all players spawn with just a 5-shot Torque Bow. Nothing but regular tuning here so a kill is as simple as revving up and landing your shots. All weapons on the map have also been replaced to provide additional ammo.

Charge ‘em up!

The Link is a close-quarters gauntlet where shotgun accuracy is key, as Rifle Drones and the Warden are invulnerable to everything else.

The new store items beginning Sept 28, 2021
  • Hivebuster Anthony – 250 Iron
  • Hivebuster Gary – 250 Iron
  • Good Fortune Weapon Set – 1,500 Iron
  • Dead Smiley Mark – 125 Iron
  • Bang! Bloodspray – 250 Iron
The featured store items for Sept 28, 2021
  • Hollow Storm Tai – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Blocked Legacy Set – 425 Iron, 3,400 Gears Coins
  • Bottle Mark – 65 Iron, 500 Gears Coins
  • Kicks Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gears Coins
  • Mamba Banner – 200 Iron, 1,600 Gears Coins

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

Black Steel Locust Beastrider
  • Black Steel Locust Beastrider – 2.99 USD



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