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This Week in Gears – March 16 – 22

A four-leaf clover surrounded by the legendary Charmed skin

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another edition of This Week in Gears!

Versus Event: Luck of the Draw 

It’s a special time in Ireland as St Patrick’s Day is this Wednesday! To celebrate we’ll be hosting a special Arms Race Luck of the Draw event in-game!

In this mode you’ll have to kill the enemy using almost every gun in Gears, every three kills will change your team’s weapons to a random gun in the list.

Here’s the list of weapons you can expect to see during this event:

  • Boomshot  
  • Claw
  • Dropshot
  • Lancer GL  
  • Gnasher  
  • Markza
  • Hammerburst
  • Longshot
  • Overkill
  • Boltok
  • Embar
  • Retro Lancer
  • Torquebow
  • Breaker Mace

And to celebrate this event we have a special Medal group you can complete, which will grant you the legendary Charmed skin!

  • A Buffet of Carnage – Deal 50,00 Damage in the Luck of the Draw Versus Event
  • Luck? It’s called Skill – Get 50 eliminations in the Luck of the Draw Versus Event
  • End of the Rainbow – Complete 7 rounds in the Luck of the Draw Versus Event 

Go n-éirí leat!

Weekly Store

The new items, now available in the Gears 5 store for the Week of March 15
  • Winter Swarm Drone – 250 Iron 
  • Fighting Pose Expression – 300 Iron 
  • Queen Reyna Power Pose Bloodspray – 250 Iron 
  • Zealot Banner – 100 Iron 
  • Queen Reyna Banner – 100 Iron 

Feature Store

The featured items, now available in the Gears 5 store for the Week of March 15
  • Collector’s Clayton – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gear Coins 
  • Shamrock Loadout Set – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gear Coins 
  • Clover Mark – 65 Iron, 500 Gear Coins (30% off!) 
  • Grub Killer Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gear Coins
  • Clayton Carmine Banner – 100 Iron, 800 Gear Coins 

Gears esports

The Chrome Steel Bolter skin, available in Gears 5 for a limited time
  • Chrome Steel RAAM – $9.99 USD  
  • Chrome Steel Bolter – $9.99 USD
  • Chrome Steel Jermad – $9.99 USD  
  • Chrome Steel Legacy Weapon Set – $9.99 USD 
  • Chrome Steel Theron – $9.99 USD 

Gears Glory

March’s Gears Glory may be coming to an end, but we are by no means winding down!

On March 19th we will be hosting AKG Shine (@AKG_Shine) on, starting at noon PT. Next week, join us as we wrap up the month with a Roundtable Discussion on March 25 at 1 pm PT featuring ESG KittyCapz (@EnemyKitty), UYU Violet (@VioletCapz), Official LoD Gaming (@LadiesOfDior) and moderated by TC Sera (@tc_sera).

Take care and have yourselves a wonderful week.


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