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This Week in Gears – June 1 – 7

Hello everyone! Another week, and another This Week in Gears awaits!

Our run of mutator-based events continues with Boom Snipes, a game mode where you spawn in with a Boomshot and Longshot, the following mutators are enabled.

  • Low gravity death – Upon killing an enemy their body will begin to descend to the sky.
  • Cartoon Filter – A cartoon-style visual effect is in effect!

This event will run for one week.

The special Horde tile event has come to an end, while we initially promised we’d be adding Atrium, Command and Turbine we’ve discovered significant bugs on Turbine and Atrium, as a result we’ll only be adding Command to private matches as it currently stands.

Note: For those of you unable to complete the Tiled Horde Map medal group because of the Atrium issue we have modified the medal to allow you to complete the medal provided you won a match on Command and Turbine. Once you complete your first match after the update the medal will complete.

We’ll look to resolve the issues with Atrium and Turbine when we can and that’ll allow us to add them back into private matches.

The new items for the Gears 5 Store, available starting June 1
  • Desert Swarm Drone Sniper – 250 Iron
  • Desert Swarm Drone Grenadier – 250 Iron
  • Bare Bone Weapon Set – 850 Iron
  • Tic Tac Toe Banner – 200 Iron
  • Oops Bloodspray – 250 Iron

Note: With it being pride month, expect a load of goodies in the featured store for each week in the month of June!

The featured items for the Gears 5 Store, available starting June 1 until June 8
  • Rainbow Dust Legacy Set – Free!
  • Pride Omen – Free!
  • Civilian Anya – 2,000 Gear Coins, 250 Iron
  • Cold Blooded Execution Pack – 2,400 Gear Coins, 300 Iron
  • Heart Mark – 500 Gear Coins, 60 Iron

Here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

What a week we have! We kick things off with the Challengers final, followed by the start of the Gears Pro League this Tuesday and Wednesday followed by emergence days on Thursday!

The full information on the events can be found on!

For another weekend the team at EGL will be running the fifth week of their EU open series!

Featuring matches of Control, Escalation and Execution 2.0 this tournament offers prize money up for grabs and the opportunity to square off against top teams in Europe & South America!

Look out for how to sign up on the @EGLGears Twitter!

Anthony Carmine featuring the Black Steel character skin

Black Steel Anthony Carmine – 2.99 USD

As we finish up May’s Gears Glory we have some more fantastic headshot clips to share!

For the month of June, we’re celebrating Pride and we’d like to see your screenshots of you being the MVP at the end of your game with a Pride Banner. Image or GIF, we’re happy to see either!

As always be sure to use the hashtag #GearsGlory, we’ll be watching!

Tomorrow’s update will also see us adding Execution to the competitive playlists, we’ll be adding Escalation in the very near future!

We’ll be releasing a title update tomorrow to hotfix the following:

  • Fixed an issue that meant players in Competitive will no longer match up with others outside of their skill criteria.
  • Fixed an issue that meant unrealistic high scores will no longer show up on the new competitive leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where the Simple Omen no longer turns full red after being damaged slightly.
  • Re-added the PC icon to both public and private lobbies.

In addition to today’s Title Update, we’ve also deployed numerous server fixes listed below:

  • AAPE content has been removed from the store
  • Players should no longer spawn in with a Gnasher on FFA OSOK
  • Players should no longer spawn in with a Longshot on Gnashers Only FFA.
  • Quickplay FFA Games will no longer immediately end after a fifth player joins
  • Escalation will now display 4 players per team in Custom Lobbies instead of 5
  • FFA OSOK games will now allow up to 14 players to get into the match instead of 8
  • Players will no longer spawn in as characters they shouldn’t be for their team, for example, Kantus on COG
  • A ring offset has been fixed on Allfathers Arena for Control
  • Execution has now been added to Quickplay Classic Elimination
  • A ring spawn in Regency for Control has been adjusted
  • Boomshot and Dropshot ammo has been reduced by 1 on pickup in Control (esports)

And as always, take care and have a wonderful week!


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