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This week in Gears: February 9 – 15

Hello everyone!

With a new week comes another This Week in Gears, featuring the re-up update, a Valentine’s weapon set to unlock, and more!

Marcus Fenix wearing his Omega Squad gear

Re-up update

As previously announced, this week will see the anticipated re-up update, you can read the full details on the update here!

Note: With the update launching tomorrow, we wanted to make you aware that between 10:00 am PT and 11:00 am PT we’ll be launching the change to apply the correct re-up and rewards to your accounts if you haven’t received them and/or your levels restart your game and you’ll eventually receive the changes.

Versus Event: Cupid’s Torque Bow

The Valentine’s Day featured art with a Locust enemy with a heart-shaped head with pink-themed weapons surrounding him

With it being Valentine’s Day this week we are bringing back our classic event, Cupid’s Torque Bow!

Wield Cupid’s Torque Bow in this Valentine’s day twist on Torque Bow tag. Melee is disabled. And the objective is simple, eliminate the opposing team to win.

Riftworm Heart weapon set

This event has a special legendary Riftworm Heart weapon set for you to unlock; this can be done by completing the following Medal group.

Shot Through The HeartGet 5 Headshot Kills in the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag Event
Looking for LoveGet 50 Eliminations in the Cupid Torque Bow Tag event
Predator HunterComplete 10 Rounds of the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag Event
Matriarch HunterDeal 50000 Damage in the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag Event

Oh, and expect the special Heart heads to make an appearance on your character…


Horde Event: Boss Rush

An enemy boss character from Gears 5 Multiplayer in an attack stance

Staying for another week is our special Horde event, Boss Rush.

Boss Rush is summarised simply like this, for every wave you play, you will encounter a boss. There are ten waves to complete with each wave escalating in intensity and difficulty.

Alongside this event, we have a special medal group for you to complete, completion of the medal group grants you 3,000 coins with each individual medal completion granting you progress towards your Tour of Duty, medal details below.

Carrier HunterGet 5 Carriers Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
Snatcher HunterGet 5 Snatchers Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
Predator HunterGet 5 Predator Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
Matriarch HunterGet 5 Matriarch Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event
Kestrel HunterGet 5 Kestrels Eliminations in the Boss Rush Horde Event

Enjoy the carnage, and we will see you in-game!

Gears Glory

As previously mentioned last week Gears Glory continues with the focus on Black History Month.

Today, we are pleased to present shelbynicolecosplay’s take on COG armor.

Along with that, check out our spotlight streamers today and tomorrow at noon PDT on the Gears Channel! Then, we have Outlaw_Mishi over on the Gears Twitch today and DRIX tomorrow!

Watch the streams on!

You can submit your community content via the hashtag #GearsGlory on Twitter and Instagram, throughout the month we’ll be highlighting our favorites culminating with our selected favorites at the end of February.

New TCA partners!

Recently we added some new TCA partners, so be sure to say hi, follow and support:

As a reminder, we are always on the hunt for more TCA members to join, and if you haven’t enlisted yet you can do so here!

Weekly Store

The new store items for the week of Feb 9 until Feb 15

Feature Store

The featured store items for the week of Feb 9 until Feb 15
  • Winter Armor Baird, 250 Iron, 2,000 Gear Coins
  • V-day Sam, 250 Iron, 2,000 Gear Coins
  • Maria Legacy Set, 300 Iron, 2,380 Gear Coins*
  • Maria Mark, 65 Iron, 500 Gear Coins
  • Maria’s Angel Mark, 45 Iron, 350 Gear Coins*

* Store items marked with this have been given a special discount of 30% as they are already in the essentials part of the store.

Gears esports

Kait and Fahz return for another week but remember this is not the last of the older Chrome Steel re-releases be sure to keep an eye out for more of these next week!

Server latency

We are continuing to investigate the issues behind the recent server latency issues, from our investigations last week we have now taken some initial steps on Versus servers first to start to rectify this, if this is successful, we will look to propagate it to the PvE servers.

We will continue to monitor as the week progresses and keep you updated as to our next steps.

Gears 5 PC EAC issues

We were recently made aware of an issue when attempting to play Gears 5 on PC with Windows Insider, this is the result of an update to the “Gaming Services” app for Windows, an update should be available for you to download from here, so make sure you get it so you can continue playing!

Lunar New Year!

This Friday is Lunar New Year, and with it comes The Year of The Ox! This Friday we’ll be adding the Year of the Ox Weapon set to the store for free. This will be available until March 2.

Here’s a small preview of the weapon skin!

An example of the Lunar New Year Weapon Set for Gears 5

4x ALL XP Weekend – February 12 -15

Finally, a reminder that we will be having a HUGE 4x ALL XP (yes, this includes Character XP!) weekend which takes place from the 10:00 AM PT on the 12th of February and finishes at 10:00 AM PT on the 15th. This should give you all a hefty jump to start grinding on the new rewards!

And as always, please take care of yourselves and have a wonderful week.


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