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This Week In Gears 5: February 4th – 10th

Baird vs Lizzie

This Week In Gears 5 is our quick-fire Monday update to fill you in on everything happening in-game for Gears 5 over the next week!

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of February 4th – 10th:

If you talk a big snipe game, now it’s time for the ultimate proving grounds with the arrival of FFA OSOK! Face off against 13 other players as you go for domes and vie for that top spot on the leaderboards.

The Blight is our latest challenge for Escape connoisseurs.

This new Hive is all about adaptability. Every time you load into the Hive (excluding restarts), different fights and paths will be available thanks to a randomized selection of doors that are either locked off or opened up. Take the card you’ve been dealt and prepare to roll with it!

Over the course of Operation 2, we’re adding 4 small bitesize medals to the Versus Events Tour Medal group to earn some extra stars by playing our Weekly Events!

Pick up 25 headshots in Versus Event Playlists to earn yourself a 3 Star Medal. Just in time for FFA OSOK!

Coming tomorrow, we’ll be adding the second medal requiring 25 explosive kills in a Versus Event Playlist for another easy 3 Stars.

Slay wrapped up for those cold February nights with the new Winter Armor JD Skin or add some color to the long winter with Neon and Warm weapon skin sets!

Winter Armor JD Character Skin
Winter Armor JD Character Skin
Screenshot of the weekly store items listed below
  • Winter Armor JD – 500 Iron
  • Neon Glow Rifle Set – 500 Iron
  • Warm Glow Sniper Set – 500 Iron
  • COG Logo Pixel Art Banner – 100 Iron
  • The Letter L Mark – 50 Iron

Looking for What’s Up? Here’s our announcement about the restructuring of What’s Up last week:

What’s Up will be moving from Monday to Thursday.

With the fast-paced development environment at the studio, we feel we need to move away from Monday updates in order to better communicate what’s going on with Gears 5 outside of the shackles of a ‘save it for What’s Up’ template every week.

In other words, our plans are to post about news and information as they are ready more often. Ahead of our stream each week, we’ll drop a What’s Up to recap all the news, announcements and key information from the week past – so if you only read one thing every week, What’s Up on Thursdays is still the place to go.

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