Gears 5 Status

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Known Service Issues

XP Won’t Progress

We have identified the XP feature which was designed to reduce quitting however it was enabled before it was ready to be utilized.

While now disabled, this feature penalized players who previously left or disconnected games leaving them with significant XP Debt.

This is not visible to players anywhere in the UI as it was not ready to be enabled at this time. Given the initial weekend service disruptions, and the lack of readability, we do not intend to uphold these unintentional punishments.

However, following this update, we intend to restore matchmaking quit penalties with increased time out lengths into all matchmaking modes.

Status: Fix In Progress

All impacted players will  have their XP Debt removed in an upcoming rollout, along with restoring  any lost XP progress due to the debt.


Early Next Week (September 23-25)

Rewards ‘Stuck’ Making Certain Playlists Inaccessible

A small number of users have been unable to claim Division Leaderboard Rewards for playlist(s), resulting in being unable to access Ranked Playlists where this occurs.

Status: Resolved, updates to come

Our team have deployed an update to address this issue. Owed Division Rewards for impacted players will not roll out until later next week, but you should now be able to play in previously blocked playlists.


Owed division reward rollout targeting no later than September 27

Campaign Progression Catchup

Some players have progression missing for Collectibles and Campaign Progress, which can also impact related achievements.

Status: Fix In Progress

We are restoring missing progress for impacted users through a server-side rollout. The scale of the data has caused a delay in our ability to achieve this by the end of this week (September 20th), but we are targeting roll out as soon as possible.


Targeting no later than September 27

Leaderboard Progress not registering for Escape

We have identified an issue that causes negative value Leaderboard Times for Escape to not report correctly to the leaderboards, impacting placement.

Status: Fix In Progress

Work is currently underway to fix this bug following completion of our investigation into the issue.


Title Update 1, targeting early October

Select regions having difficulties finding matches

Certain regions such as, but not limited to, Brazil, South Africa and Australia are reporting difficulty finding matches despite healthy population counts.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

Our team currently have a lead on the cause and are working to investigate further. Thank you for your patience.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

Resolved Service Issues

Horde Progression Catch-Up

Missing Horde Progression for Sunday, September 8th has now been restored to players.

Bug Fixes

We are working on a variety of community reported bugs since launch for our upcoming major Title Update targeting early October.

Stay tuned for patch notes on upcoming fixes ahead of the Title Update’s release. We’ll also provide regular updates on known issues, expected resolutions times and areas of feedback we’ll be looking at in future updates.