Gears 5 Status

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Title Update 1.5 Notes

Title Update 1 Notes

Known Service Issues

Weapon Duplication Exploit

Players are able to duplicate weapons in Multiplayer Modes using the Drop Weapon feature.

Status: Mitigation deployed

We have deployed a server-side update to disable the drop weapon feature until the exploit is addressed fully in a future update. Once the exploit has been resolved, we will re-enable dropping weapons.


Full fix planned for an upcoming Title Update

Campaign Progression Catchup

We have restored missing Campaign progress for impacted users who had missing progression during server issues through a server-side rollout.

We are aware of reports that this issue was not resolved for all users in the rollout. Our team are investigating and preparing another rollout based on these reports.

Status: Work Underway

Our team have a lead on the cause and are working on a solution.


We do not have a firm ETA at this time. Please check back for further updates.

Higher than expected Matchmaking Pings

Some players, especially those from certain regions such as Europe, are reporting higher than expected matchmaking pings in Ranked games.

Status: Update deployed, investigating further reports

A server-side update was deployed to address this issue and improve average ping times. While we see promising responses, we hear continued reports for higher than expected pings in Europe. We are continuing to investigate.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

Select regions having difficulties finding matches

Certain regions such as, but not limited to, Brazil, South Africa and Australia are reporting difficulty finding matches despite healthy population counts.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

Our team currently have a lead on the cause and are working to investigate further. Thank you for your patience.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

Skill Rating Results in Ranked

We have heard your feedback around Skill Rating results in Ranked, specifically around losing Skill Rating in certain situations, and our team are looking into this based on reports.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

We expect this process to take more time than other issues as we discuss design and analyze data based on your feedback. As we get updates, we’ll provide them here.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

Resolved Service Issues

Leaderboard times not registering for Escape

Escape Leaderboards will now register negative times with a fix that went out in our most recent title update.

XP Won’t Progress

An update has been rolled out to address XP Debt, which was blocking XP progression for impacted users, and restore any lost XP progress due to the debt.

Rewards ‘Stuck’ Making Certain Playlists Inaccessible

Our team have deployed an update to address this issue and have rolled out owed Division Rewards for impacted players.

Horde Progression Catch-Up

Missing Horde Progression for Sunday, September 8th has now been restored to players.

What We’re Working On

Work is continuing on a number of other community reported bugs and requests that we’re looking to address over the coming months. Here’s our list of some of the most notable fixes or changes we’re working on based on community reports:

  • Possible Aim Assist On/Off Toggle for Players
  • Investigating improvements to the Horde scoreboard
  • ‘Silver Surfer’ character load state in Multiplayer
  • Rare reports of invisible players in Multiplayer
  • Issues with Hijacking in Horde including being unable to fire his zapper
  • Audio issues on PC, including with X-Fi Sound Cards
  • Button remapping on PC, including scroll wheel functionality for zooming
  • Main menu background on PC always stuck on Icebound
  • Button mapping issues on ALT Control Schemes

(As a reminder, tuning or server-side fixes – unless otherwise noted – can be resolved with live updates. This list is just a reflection of key issues we’re working on and does not include design-related feedback.)