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What’s Up – October 15th 2019

In this week’s What’s Up, we reveal 4 new Characters coming to Gears 5, TU1.5 patch notes and more!

What’s Up – October 7th 2019

Welcome to What’s Up, your weekly update on all the latest news, game updates and more in Gears 5 and beyond. Here’s What’s Up in Gears this week: Fla...

Gears 5 Live Update: October 3rd

This afternoon, the team used data from the last three weeks to re-calibrate the Tier Points (and corresponding rankings) of all ranked players in Gea...

Мир рушится

Новая глава саги Gears 5 — самая масштабная игра серии. Сетевые бои в пяти режимах и захватывающая сюжетная кампания.

A squad of four stands assembled in front of an icy bluish white background
A squad of four stands assembled in front of an icy bluish white background


Gears 5 Campaign Story Trailer. Youtube
Трейлер сюжетной кампании Gears 5
Horde Explained. Youtube
Подробности о режиме «Орда»
Gears 5 Horde Trailer. Youtube
Трейлер режима «Орда» в Gears 5
Official Versus Trailer. Youtube
Официальный трейлер «Противостояния»
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