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Hotfix Update: TU 5.1

Baird builds a map

We have just rolled out a small Hotfix Title Update to Gears 5, following our Hotfix TU 5.0.1 earlier this month.

This update exists to address a small number of more urgent issues outside of waiting for major Title Update releases, along with more new improvements to Gnasher consistency. Patch notes can be found below.

  • Gnasher: Improvements to hipfire Gnasher consistency in situations where two enemies were close together. Magnetism should now be more consistently applied to the enemy most closely aligned with your muzzle position.
  • Gnasher: Fixed an issue causing players to lose pellet magnetism on enemies performing a mantle at certain angles
  • Cover: Fixed an issue that could cause cover cancelling to happen unintentionally more often under certain circumstances
  • Tour of Duty: Ring Master Medal now correctly tracks in Quickplay
  • Horde Frenzy: Progressing too quickly will no longer causes 4 bosses to spawn at once
  • Canals: Enemies should no longer frequently spawn very close to the fabricator
  • Baird: The Precision Repairs card will now correctly activate when killing a DBNO enemy
  • Lizzie: The Sisters To The End card now works as intended
  • Clayton: The Sole Survivor card now works as intended
  • Pahanu: VFX and SFX will now be shown / played when the Gnasher pellets hit the deep water on the map
  • The ‘!’ notification will now appear consistently in the Quick Menu over News whenever a new post is added
  • Map selection will no longer revert to the first map in the list when returning back from a match
  • Fixed an issue causing weapon skins to revert back to the previously selected one after entering/exiting the Expressions screen.
  • Tour of Duty Medal Group headers can now be clicked with a mouse
  • Fixed an issue that could cause venom countdown timers to not appear when restarting an act after failing a run in Escape
  • Fixed an issue causing the selector in the scoreboard to sometimes disappear and teleport
  • The Next Rank button callout will now function properly with a mouse in Tour of Duty
  • Versus music will now consistently play after the end of a round
  • COG team will now be able to hear the round lost music
  • Locust Drone now plays the correct dialogue when throwing a smoke grenade

Note on Lift: We worked to rectify the Lift bug that allows players to shoot through the shutters. This is a complex replication issue that we were unable to 100% resolve in time for this hotfix. In the interim, we have temporarily removed Lift from matchmaking until we can ensure this is fully resolved. We’ll keep you updated as best we can on when to expect Lift back in matchmaking.

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