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Operation 6 – PvP & PvE

The Versus logo front and center with two COG soldiers to the left and two Locust enemies on the right.

Starting on March 2, Operation 6 will introduce some fresh multiplayer variants and we’re excited to share those with you today!

Versus: Control 

With PvP, we are going to be introducing a new featured Versus game mode to kick off Operation 6, we are calling this mode Control

Control is a new spin on classic ring-based modes but with some changes. The main goal is to capture a large objective area, but you will be required to stay inside the area to score points for your team. Unlike King of the Hill, each player will have an individual respawn timer, so you can get back into the action that much faster. 

To accommodate the heightened carnage during matches, we have made the objective 2.5 times bigger than the regular KOTH ring. This makes for more contested rings and more action! 

We feel that Control offers a unique approach to the area of control formula that Gears has to offer, and the individual spawning is the icing on the cake. 

Alongside Control launching for Operation 6 we have an exclusive medal group for you to complete, completing the medal group will provide you 3,000 Gears Coins. 

Name Description Tour of Duty stars 
Ever Closer to Extinction Get 100 Eliminations in the Control Versus event 
Breached! Complete 10 Rounds in the Control Versus Event 
In Total Control Win 5 Matches in the Control Versus event 
Controlled Carnage Deal 200000 Damage in the Control Versus event 

Control will stay up for two weeks but keep an eye out for rapidly changing Versus events as we’ll be switching it up throughout the operation!! 


With a new operation comes a new ranked season, we will be keeping our current ranked playlists, Team DeathmatchFree for All – 8 Players, King of the Hill, 2v2 Gnashers. We will, however, be providing you a new set of weapon skins to earn for your Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, and Boomshot. Click the name of the weapon above to see a preview. 

Get those ranked gains going! 

PvP Tweaks 

With Operation 6 we’ll be bringing back tracers to the Gnasher, allowing you to visually see where your pellet trails go when shooting. Check the image below for an example of it in action. 

An example of a gnasher bullet, highlighting the pellet trail

We have also improved the damage consistency when it comes to gibbing a player when they are sliding into cover, which will provide much more predictability in important fights. 

Horde: Escape from Kadar 

We have a brand-new Horde event kicking off Operation 6 – Escape from Kadar 

Niles has been up to his old tricks again and has created unique enemies for you to take on in this 10-wave epic. 

This playlist introduces Locust enemies back into Horde for the first time in Gears 5. Build up your defenses because they’ll be coming with Retro Lancers and even the pipe! 

Oh… and expect many, many sires. 

Escape from Kadar will also provide a unique medal group. If you complete it you’ll unlock a special lab drone of your own: the Locust Hybrid. Details of the group are below. 

Name Description Tour of Duty stars 
Severed Link Get 5 Matriarch Eliminations in the Escape From Kadar Horde Event 
Dirty Little Secrets Get 50 Sire Eliminations in the Escape From Kadar Horde Event 
New Hope Win 1 Match in the Escape From Kadar Horde Event 
Locust, Forever Get 100 Locust Eliminations in the Escape From Kadar Horde Event 

Escape from Kadar will be featured for two weeks, so make sure to get your medals done before then!  

PvE Tweaks

In addition to the new event above, we’ve also been making small tweaks to the daily hives for Escape. Right now, you may see repeating hives for your challenges. To address this we’ve adjusted the rotation so that you won’t see the same hive on the daily challenge for at least 14 days, which should help provide a lot more variety for your daily Escape adventures. 

Additionally, we’re improving the coin and skill card rewards offered during the daily Horde and Escape challenges, check out the full changes below: 

  • Skill Cards (Advanced) 3 -> 4 
  • Coins (Beginner) 100 -> 200 
  • Coins (Inconceivable) 300 -> 400 
  • Coins (Advanced) 150 -> 300 

PvP/PvE Tour of Duty Medals 

Here are the new PvP and PvE medals to earn with the new operation! 


Name Description Stars 
Escape Attempts Survive 50 Acts of Escape 
Escape Body Count Get 1000 Eliminations in Escape 
Send in the Tanks! Get 100 Eliminations in Escape as Anchor, Gunner, Pilot, Veteran or Brawler 
Scion Hunter Get 50 Scion Eliminations in Escape 
Boss Hunter Get 30 Boss Eliminations in Escape 
Hoff-busterSurvive 10 Acts of Escape as Hoffman
Escape Master Complete 10 Master Difficulty Escape Matches 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 5,000 coins 


Name Description Stars 
Wave Survivor Survive 150 Waves of Horde 
Family Business Survive 60 Waves of Horde with Anthony, Benjamin, Clayton, Gary or Lizzie Carmine 
Horde Carnage Do 6000000 Damage in Horde 
Power Horder Collect 500000 Power in Horde 
Support Carnage Get 300 Eliminations as Mechanic, Robotics, Combat Medic, Tactician or Jack Class 
Drone Hunter Get 250 Drone Eliminations in Horde 
Boss Hunter Get 30 Boss Eliminations in Horde 
Horde Body Count Get 3000 Eliminations in Horde 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 5,000 coins 


Name Description Stars 
Quickplay Veteran Win 10 Classic Quickplay matches 
Gridiron Denials Get 25 Denials in Versus Gridiron Matches 
Versus Medic Revive 50 Teammates in Versus 
COG Victories Win 25 Versus Matches as COG 
Swarm Victories Win 25 Versus Matches as Swarm 
Ring Master Capture 100 Rings in Versus KOTH or Escalation matches 
Season Slaughter Get 5000 Eliminations in Versus 
Versus Carnage Do 1500000 Damage in Versus matches 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 3,000 coins 


Name Description Stars 
Diversified Win a Versus Match in every Ranked mode  
2v2 Gnasher Veteran Win 10 Rounds of Ranked 2v2 Gnasher Matches 
Free-For-All Veteran Get 100 Eliminations in Ranked Versus Free-For-All Matches 
King of the Hill Veteran Win 10 Rounds of Ranked King of the Hill matches 
Team Deathmatch Veteran Get 100 Eliminations in Ranked Versus Free-For-All Matches 
Ranked Veteran Win 100 Rounds of Ranked Versus modes 

Completion of this medal group will grant: 3,000 coins 

Versus Events 

Name Description Stars 
Event Champion Win 50 Rounds of Versus Weekly Events 
Event Victories Win 10 Matches across any Versus Weekly Events 
Event Eliminator Get 250 Eliminations across any Versus Weekly Events 
Event Veteran Complete 100 Rounds of Versus Weekly Events Matches 
Event Executioner Get 10 Executions across any Versus Weekly Events 
Event Marksman Get 30 Headshots across any Versus Weekly Events 
Coming Soon      
Coming Soon     

Completion of this medal group will grant: 3,000 coins 

Developer Stream 

We’ll be hosting a developer stream today! Be sure to tune in from 3:00 PM PST as we talk to you about all things Operation 6! 

Operation 6 launches next Tuesday, March 2! 


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