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What’s Up – October 22

Welcome to What’s Up! Your one-stop location where we keep you up to date with everything in the world of Gears. Let’s jump right in!

  • Changes to Gears 5 based on the Developer Playlist
  • Improvements to Gears 5 on Xbox Series X
  • 2X Multiplayer XP and Free Boost Weekend

As you know, we’ve been testing possible changes in the Developer Playlist. Based on your feedback and our data, we believe some of these changes have made Gears 5 more balanced and fun. The good news is next Tuesday, we’re adding the following changes into the full game:

  • Damage mitigation from cover on the Gnasher: Previously, damage done to players who were behind cover would be mitigated, but even though this is an important feature for gameplay, it can also make playing around covers feel inconsistent. Mitigation will be removed in favor of a more intuitive behavior on the Gnasher: if you can see them, you can hit them. Land accurate shots on someone who is behind cover and the damage you make will feel more consistent.
  • Weapon respawn timer decrease: Weapon pickups are incredibly fun and useful, right? So, they should respawn faster, right? Of course!

Weapon respawn timers will now be universally set to “after use.”  Respawn time varies depending on weapon type:

  • All Heavy Weapons including Dropshot, Boomshot, Claw, Overkill, Lancer GL, Frags, Incens and Breaker mace: 90 sec
  • Torque, Longshot, Shocks and Embar: 60 sec
  • All Secondary Weapons: 30 sec
  • Flashbang radius: The Flashbang’s stun capacity comes in handy in lots of situations, but, at times, it felt like it was a bit too much. We addressed that by reducing the Flashbang’s stun radius in Operation 4 and by softening the visuals. The nerf may have been a little too dramatic so we’re adding slight increase to stun radius.
    • Flashbang Stun Radius: 300uu -> 325uu

You can read more about these changes here.

  • Health regeneration: In Gears 5, health regenerates at different rates depending on whether or not you’re behind cover, unfortunately this mechanic often lead to feelings of inconsistent damage when pursuing damaged targets. The timing and rate at which the mechanic kicks in will now be determined entirely by last damage taken:
    • Health Regeneration Delay will now be consistently 2.5s after the last damage taken (previously, 1.5s in cover and 3s out of cover).
  • Shotgun spread and damage: When it comes to the Gnasher, we are focused on improving its reliability, consistency, and versatility. With the recent changes that we’ve tested, we feel we’re closer than ever before. In addition to balancing how damage is calculated, we also adjusted the spread, so that damage up close feels good and drops off in a healthy way across all encounters.
    • Removed the Pellet Round Up System
    • ADS Spread: 0.47 > 0.66
    • Hipfire Spread: 0.6 > 0.88

The team has been working around the clock to ensure Gears 5 runs as smoothly and visually appealing as possible on Xbox Series X | S (the day’s almost here!).

As if you needed another reason to pick up a new console, we recently talked about how input latency will be improved for Gears 5. These improvements will make the game feel better and more responsive experience –latency will be reduced by 36% (Campaign) and 57% (Versus). We know that when your skill is on the line, every millisecond matters.

A chart highlighting the input to screen latency in Gear 5 campaign, comparing the performance on Xbox One X versus Xbox Series X
A chart highlighting the input to screen latency in Gear 5 versus, comparing the performance on Xbox One X versus Xbox Series X

We bet some of you are on the grind to earn that awesomely spooky Murder Pool Lizzie character skin, if you haven’t already. Why not get some extra XP while you’re at it? Running from Friday through Sunday, you’ll get 2X Multiplayer XP and Free Boost in Gears 5 (so it actually works out to 4X MPXP – it’s confusing for us too.  Let’s go!

That’s it for us this week. Make sure to drop by the developer’s stream today as we answer your questions and chat about Gears.


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