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What’s Up October 1

The header image for the Oct 1 edition of What's Up featuring Marcus Fenix choking out a Locust enemy.

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  • Prepping for the launch of Xbox Series S | X
  • New Medal Group and free reward
  • Featured Store vote

The launch of the Xbox Series S and X is just around the corner. The team has done a significant amount of work to ensure Gears 5 maximizes the power of these devices…hello 120 FPS! We’ll give a complete breakdown of all the updates soon but in the meantime we have a Title Update coming sometime in the last two weeks of October to help us prepare the launch of the new Xboxes.

As with every update, the game needs to go through a certification process and, given this is like shipping an all-new game, unfortunately this cert process will take longer than normal.

The bad news is while we’re in cert we can only make minor updates to the game – updating the store and minor adjustments to the developer playlist – as we can’t change the code. This also means that Gnashers only KOTH is sticking around for a few more weeks.

We know this isn’t ideal but we have lots of great things coming in the next few months and this just the first step.

The good news is, starting today, we’ve added a new medal group called “Above and Beyond” with an all-new free Smoke weapon set reward for you to chase until we can update the game.

The "Above and Beyond" weapon set, available for a limited time in Gears 5.

Here are the challenges:

  • Gnasher Carnage – Deal 150000 Damage with the Gnasher (PvE or PvP)
  • Gnasher Body Count – Get 250 Eliminations with the Gnasher (PvE or PvP)
  • Ring Master – Capture 50 Rings in Versus KOTH or Escalation matches (Versus)
  • Above & Beyond – Complete 100 Rounds of Versus Matches (Versus)
  • Round Victor – Win 50 Rounds of Versus Matches
  • Victorious – Win 15 Versus Matches

This week we tried something new and gave you the choice to pick what you wanted to see in next week’s Feature section of the store. Yes, there will still be new items added.

The Poop bloodspray and Neon Glow Weapon Set were clear winners. But the race between Academy Anthony and Motor Pool Lizzie is still too close to call (sorry, Gary).

And as an added surprise, the three winning choices will be available for FREE in next week’s store – as special bonus for Gears 5 being locked down for updates for the next few weeks.

That’s it for us today. Make sure to drop by the developer stream where we’ll answer your questions and play another round of how many people can “Get TC Tyrus.”


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