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This Week in Gears: December 22 – Jan 4

The festive season is here! Gearsmas is going to take us through the New Year. We’ve got lots of things to keep you entertained!

  • Glowies are here!
  • 2XP (and free boost) for everyone
  • Snowball Fight returns
  • Jingle Juvies sticks around
  • New store updates
Various Lambent Locust enemies in battle-ready stances

The dark wintery nights are here and what better way to light them up with a sinister trio of Glowies.

The Lambent are available in the store individually or as a bundle. And for those of you asking, we are releasing the Lambent as stand-alone characters so we have the ability to create Lambent variants in the future. As usual, they will be available for Gears Coins in early January.

Each character is available for 250 iron or in a bundle for 1,500 Iron. The bundle includes:

  • Lambent Grenadier
  • Lambent Drone
  • Lambent Theron Guard
  • Lambent Flesh full weapon Set
  • Sorrowed Sway expression
  • Lambent Civil War banner
  • Locust Rune Queen Mark

If you’re looking to increase your re-ups or level up your PvE classes, then we have the Gearsmas present for you – 2XP! We’re also giving everyone free Boost.

And yes, we will finally reveal our re-up changes in the New Year.

A Locust Drone wielding a boomshot in a snow-covered battlefield

We all love a good ole fashioned snowball fight… so we’re bringing back this fan favorite just in time for the holidays. For those who haven’t played this before, it’s a Team Deathmatch-like mode that equips players with a Boomshot that shoots snowballs.

A Juvie donning Christmas-inspired gear

These antlered-terrors are sticking around until January 4th, so you can enjoy the wave after wave after wave of yelping Juvies.

As a reminder, Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde event that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies and lots of regular enemies to keep you on your toes.

Also, the issue where players were getting incorrect rewards when completing the Daily Challenge will be resolved with tomorrow’s changes.

New items for from the Gears Store for the duration of the 2020 holidays
  • Fruitcake full weapon set – 850 Iron
  • Nice Present For You expression – 300 Iron
  • Gearsmas 2020 mark – 125 Iron
Featured items for from the Gears Store for the duration of the 2020 holidays
  • Krampus Scion – 1,500 Iron or 10,000 Gears Coins
  • Gift Wrapped loadout set – 500 Iron
  • Ugly Sweater Jack – redeem for free
  • Gearsmas 2019 banner – redeem for free
Chrome Steel Marcus Fenix
  • Chrome Steel Marcus – $9.99 USD

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