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Operation 3 – Versus Tuning Changes

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The release of Operation 3: Gridiron also includes our biggest single Versus tuning update for Gears 5. Our goal is to continue to refine our Versus gameplay in order to reach a place where it feels fantastic minute-to-minute while also having the depth and skill you expect from a Gears game.

Below are the full list of changes coming with the launch of Operation 3 on March 31st.

  • Gaining a speed boost from a cover slip, vault or step-up requires a short time at maximum run speed prior to taking the action
    • Speed Threshold: Players must be at 90% of their maximum roadie run speed for 0.25 seconds before a boost is available
    • Boost Window: Players have a 1 second window to activate the boost by triggering a cover slip, vault or step up after the roadie run action is stopped
    • Stopping power is considered: if a player past the speed threshold has their speed reduced below 90%, their threshold will be reset
  • Decreased transition time to Blindfire to 0.15 from 0.25 seconds
  • Increased Blindfire aim time to 1.1 seconds (this is how long the weapon stays up in Blindfire after shooting)
  • Generally reduced cooldowns around actives
    • All weapons have an active duration of 6 seconds
    • Loadout weapons have a cooldown of 12 seconds (was 20)
    • Secondary weapons have a cooldown of 10 seconds (was variable between weapons)
    • Power weapons have a cooldown of 8 seconds (was variable – 15-20 –  between weapons)
  • Reduced weapon swap delay before shooting to 0.1 seconds from 0.2
  • Reduced overall weapon swap speed to 0.5 seconds from 0.6
  • Removed from loadout. Now available as a secondary weapon on most maps/modes
  • Grenades on pickup set to 2 (from 1)
  • Note: We intend re-evaluate and adjust this weapon with the intention to re-release as a loadout choice in a future TU
  • Reduced smoke duration to 8 seconds from 10
  • Removed partial magazine reload feature – all reloads will provide full capacity to the magazine
    • A perfect active reload will result in fastest reload possible
  • All shots will now land consistently when firing immediately after canceling a cover slide
  • All shots will now land consistently when doing a quick pop-shot from behind cover
  • Significantly reduced inconsistent range calculation between the muzzle position and victim
    • Gib and pointblank damage thresholds adjusted slightly to compensate
  • ‘Poke’ damage max-potential decreased to 150 from 200
  • Reduced hipfire magnetism range by 2m (now 6m, was 8m)
  • Magazine increased to 40 from 30 (across all game modes)
  • Fixed an issue so recoil curve and recovery escalates consistently after consecutive shots
  • Reduced damage to 120 from 125
  • Increased rate of fire to 240 from 180
  • Reduced magazine size to 8 from 10
  • Increased zoom-in factor
  • Rate of fire increased to 600 from 425
  • Damage reduced to 60 from 75
  • Damage falloff curves adjusted to deal reduced damage at long (16m)+ ranges
  • Active reload converted to a 10% damage increase from a 25% rate-of-fire increase
  • Overall weapon damage has been reduced to 185 from 190
  • Removed 1-shot headshot at pointblank range
  • Maintained short range effectiveness
  • Mid-to-long range damage falloff increased so that damage is reduced at 12.5m and beyond
  • Active reload damage increased to 20% additional damage
  • Rounds on pickup reduced to 2 from 3

Make sure to come back tomorrow when we reveal the Operation 3: Gridiron PvE tuning update.

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