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This Week In Gears 5: February 11th – 18th

This Week In Gears 5 is our quick-fire Monday update to fill you in on everything happening in-game for Gears 5 over the next week!

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of February 11th – 18th:

Maria Lancer

Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag is back for Valentine’s Day! Not content with the carnage of previous years, Cupid seems to have gone a bit insane this year and tuned his bow for faster detonations with a whole lotta extra boom.

This year, we’re rocking Free For All as the mode for our Valentine’s Day festivities – think of it like speed dating, except more explosive.

Head into the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag playlist and spread the gibbing love with 25 Torque Kills to earn yourself the Maria Weapon Skin Loadout set (pictured above). Bit somber for Valentine’s Day really, but we’re rolling with it.

Log in on February 14th for a date with Gears to pick up the free Valentine’s Day Blood Spray and Banner.

Get ready for another Free Boost Weekend coming up this week!

From Friday February 14th – Sunday February 16th, we’ll be giving away a free day of Boost every day to speed up those XP and Supply rates! Specific times below.

  • Starts: Friday February 14th at 2am PT
  • Day of Boost: Claimable each day from 2am PT – 1:59am PT
  • Ends: Monday February 17th at 2am PT

In What’s Up last week, we mentioned an incoming Gnasher Update in the near future – and near future right now means on track for server-side deployment tomorrow! Stay tuned for a full blog breaking down the changes tomorrow.

It’s time to deploy the third Versus Event Tour Medal for some quick and easy stars in future events (tip: they might give you a little indication of the following week’s event!). The next medal is for 25 Ring Captures in Versus Weekly Events. 3 down. 1 to go!

Show the COG you only have eyes an eye for them with the classic Cyclops Locust Drone character skin and more in this week’s Store.

Cyclops Character Skin
This week's Store - details listed below.
  • Locust Drone Cyclops Character Skin – 500 Iron*
  • Neon Glow Sniper Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • STFU Blood Spray – 200 Iron
  • Pixel Gnasher Banner – 100 Iron
  • Thumbs Down Mark – 50 Iron

*Reminder: purchasing a Character Skin does not include access to the Character. Use of Character Skins requires the base Character to be unlocked before associated skins can be used.

Looking for What’s Up? Here’s our announcement about the restructuring of What’s Up a couple weeks back:

What’s Up will be moving from Monday to Thursday.

With the fast-paced development environment at the studio, we feel we need to move away from Monday updates in order to better communicate what’s going on with Gears 5 outside of the shackles of a ‘save it for What’s Up’ template every week.

In other words, our plans are to post about news and information as they are ready more often. Ahead of our stream each week, we’ll drop a What’s Up to recap all the news, announcements and key information from the week past – so if you only read one thing every week, What’s Up on Thursdays is still the place to go.

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