Gears 5 ロゴ

New Store. More Content.

With the arrival of Operation 4, we have completely revamped how you get content in Gears 5.

We understand that a player’s time is valuable and that the time you invest in a game should feel meaningful. Previously, we know some players felt limited in their ability to get the content. Beginning in Operation 4, we’re rolling out a new, simpler system that makes it easier to get the content you want.

We’ve heard your feedback that scrap and supply were overly complicated and sometimes didn’t give you the items you wanted. Both are now gone. The Totem system felt like a barrier to your favorite character. It is gone. Characters are now ‘unlocked’ whenever you get ANY character skin associated with that character; so whether you pick up a Dom skin by playing Tour or the ‘base’ version via the Store – he’s immediately playable.

But we’ve gone much bigger than that, you can now unlock practically anything you want.

Presenting Gears Coins, our new earnable currency, which can be used to unlock nearly every item in the store or, for the PvE players, you can use them to upgrade skill cards. Certain items like Esports packs and select bundles will be exempt from Gears Coins.

Gears Coins are earned just by playing. The easiest way to earn them is by progressing through the Tour of Duty. The Tour will still give cool characters, weapon skins and more for you to show off on the battlefield.

And for those that finish the Tour, we’ve introduced the new Legends rank, which sits above General and enables you to keep earning Gears Coins for as long as you play. We’re also giving Gears Coins as Ranked and Escape rewards.

All Scrap balances and Totem progress will be immediately converted to Gears Coins at the start of Operation 4.

We have created a brand-new store that features a massive permanent collection. These items are updated every Operation and will never leave so you can use Gears Coins (or Iron) to grab items whenever you want.

New content will still be added every week. Items in the New Section will initially be available for Iron only but, after a short amount of time, they will transition to the Operation Section where they can be unlocked through Gears Coins or Iron. The Operation Section features EVERY item released in the current Operation – so you now have time to unlock the content most important to you.

Once the Operation is over all content either moves to the permanent collection or will be temporarily unavailable until it comes back in the newly-added Featured Section. This section brings back select items from previous Operations which will be rotated weekly. Items here will be available for both Iron and Gears Coins.

Tune into our Developer Stream today as Andrew McKenzie, Senior Designer, will go over the new store and Gears Coins in more detail.


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