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Game Mechanics Update – Gnasher

The Gears’ Gnasher is one of the trickiest weapons to get right in gaming, being one of the few loadout weapons in existence with an instant kill mechanic. Every mechanic in Versus pivots around it – the amount of damage every weapon does, movement speed, damage falloff and more are all impacted by ‘gib distance’ (e.g. the distance where hitting with enough pellets instantly kills your target).

While we feel that the Gnasher is currently in a good spot in Gears 5, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the combat experience. As part of our on-going mechanics updates, we’ve made a few changes to the Gnasher to make the game both more fun and more skillful.

The first are about making the close range fights richer and slightly longer. We have decreased the Gnasher gib distance by 26 Unreal units (a little less than 1 foot). We have also reduced the point-black damage for a full spread by 100 damage (out of 600 max). These are intended to decrease the lethality close range, which will have two effects.

First, it will mean that charging players will have to push further, opening them up to damage before reaching their target. It will also mean that if you land a shot just outside of gib range, your opponent will now have a lot more health to work with, from roughly around 5 health pre-change to closer to 90 health post-change. A single bullet won’t take them down, you’ll need to land another semi-solid hit. This will keep the dance going a little longer for players to demonstrate their skill in either movement or shooting.

The second change was in the poke distance. After 1000 Unreal units, pellets will still do a little bit of damage. This means that the Gnasher can hit an incoming or outgoing player at further distances to do more ‘chip’ damage. This will have several effects. It will be more worthwhile to get an early shot on a charging players, as well as allowing Gnasher players to chase wounded players more easily. It will also make mid-range fights more viable so that there is more meaningful choice in which weapon you choose to engage with.  

Ultimately, these changes will bring more time, depth and strategy to close range fights. They will also act as an effective counter to Gnasher players that thoughtlessly charge an opponent – a step that complements some of the recent movement changes.

We have included a graph that describes the changes numerically, but to summarize:

  • The gib distance was brought in by 26 unreal units (about 1 foot)
  • The point-blank damage was reduced by 100 points (for a full spread)
  • The ‘poke’ damage at ultra-long range was flattened at 100 points (for a full spread)

The comparison of the new and previous Gnashers is shown below. Green is the new one and red is the old one.

This change will is live across all Versus modes. We’d love for you to head out there, put in some serious playtime and let us know what you think!

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