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WHAT’S UP – JUNE 11TH 2020


You may have noticed our account go silent over the last week or so and that was with purpose. Alongside Microsoft and other Microsoft Studios, The Coalition pressed paused on our own posts to amplify and create more space for Black and African American voices. While our posts will be picking up again, we continue to stand together with our fans, creators, colleagues, friends, and the entire Black Community against racism and injustice.

As a reminder, you can report any abusive interactions to our team through our support site and also to the Xbox team. Any content or behavior that breaks the Microsoft Services Agreement as explained in the Community Standards for Xbox will be actioned on.

Enough is enough. Let’s stop the bullshit!

Today we rolled up an update to the weapon swaps in Gridiron. Here’s the full low-down on the changes.

MapLocationFirst HalfSecond Half
BunkerArtilleryFrag GrenadesTorque Bow
 BunkerDropshotIncendiary Grenades
 Under Mid-bridgeTorque BowTorque Bow
DistrictArcadeMarkzaShock Grenades
 HotelMarkzaShock Grenades
 BandstandFrag GrenadesBoomshot
 StreetIncendiary GrenadesIncendiary Grenades
 CinemaDropshotFrag Grenades
VasgarHelicopterDropshotTorque Bow
 TicketsShock GrenadesMarkza
ArrivalsShock GrenadesMarkza

Opponents battling each other with Gnashers

Take a staycation this week and jump into Gnashers Only King of the Hill – where the gibs are mighty and the Lancer Fests don’t exist.

The Corruption is a hive built around a seemingly overwhelming amount of Rejects. Players must explore and find explosive weaponry to deal with the onslaught of rejects.

We’ve got a few updates coming next week (no, not the new ranking system) but they are all part of our ongoing work to evolve Gears 5 into the game that you and TC wants.

That’s it from us this week. Tune in to live.gearsofwar.com this afternoon as we return to the stream grind and continue to showcase our TCA Partners. This week we’re hanging with Shadowz, looking out for some sick plays and, as always, answering your questions. Can’t make the stream? Catch the VOD or check out his content on Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter.

Until then,


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