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Improving Matchmaking

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Over the next few weeks, we are undertaking a three-phased approach that should improve ping, wait times and match balance in Quickplay and Ranked matches.

In phase 1, which is now deployed, we have refined our QoS matchmaking system so players will find matches quicker and connect to servers with a higher quality ping.

These changes should be noticeable immediately as soon as the update is live. We will monitor the matchmaking data for the performance of the update and inform the community on their effectiveness. As with all matchmaking changes, the results aren’t always predictable but we hope this to have a significant positive impact.

We’re confident that most of our player population will benefit from this update. However, there may be some players in remote regions (like Brazil) that may not see any dramatic improvement in this initial phase – but we believe all players will have a much better experience at the end of these updates. 

Let us know about what you think of these changes, but remember to give it a few days to allow the impact of the change to be fully measurable. If you aren’t seeing any improvements by Friday, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you’re seeing online – and make sure to include your gamertag, mode and exact time of match to allow us to better assess any potential root cause of your experience.

We plan on deploying Phase 2 next week, which we will talk about after we see the results of Phase 1.

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