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Future of Ranked

Versus log

As part of our ongoing improvements, we’re evaluating all aspects of Gears 5 as we continue to refine and improve the game.

Some of these improvements we can address by tweaking existing designs. In other areas, bigger steps are needed as some of the game’s foundations are – simply put – not in the right place. We’ll talk more about this process and what we’re addressing over the coming weeks and months in more detail, but today, our focus is on Ranked.

Ranked System

It’s clear that our Ranking System is not delivering the experience we want or you expect.

For players, we see your frustration with the lack of transparency, how it can feel unfairly punishing in certain situations and how playing Ranked actually gets in the way of your enjoyment with the game.

The Plan

We are fundamentally reworking the entire Ranked System of Gears 5, moving away from the model we have now to something we feel delivers a fun, clear, rewarding experience for playing in Ranked – whether alone or with a team. This process will take time.

In the meantime, we’re doing our utmost to improve your day-to-day experience with the Ranked system we have today.

Immediate Ranked Improvements

With the launch of Operation 3: Gridiron, we’re introducing the following changes:

  • Splitscreen players will no longer be able to play Ranked matches (excluding 2v2 Gnasher)
  • Players under level 30 will no longer be able to play Ranked matches – unless playing with a higher level friend.

In addition, as early as possible into Operation 3, we hope to deliver updates that will greatly reduce the chance you gain zero or minimal points from a Ranked Win. Stay tuned for exact timing.

While we know the wait for the Ranked Overhaul may feel frustrating but fundamentally reworking the design is a big process. We hope this shows our commitment to pushing Gears 5 forward and supporting the game for a long time.

Thanks for being on this journey with us and for giving us critical, actionable feedback that will help us make the best Gears game yet.

We’ll see you online.