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This Week In Gears 5: February 18th – 25th

Baird builds a map

This Week In Gears 5 is our quick-fire Monday update to fill you in on everything happening in-game for Gears 5 over the next week!

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of February 18th – 25th:

Our first hotfix Title Update is confirmed for arrival on Tuesday, February 18th at ~ 10am PT. Here’s a full list of the update notes for TU 4.1:

  • Players can no longer gain the momentum-based speed boost after using melee
  • Updated the Gnasher weapon switching animation to be in a fire-ready state 4 frames earlier. Shots previously fired in this 4 frame window would be drawn from the left shoulder, causing the shot to land wide in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused enemy AI in Horde and Escape to kill DBNO players faster than intended
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be in a broken state after being rescued from an AI struggle
  • Lizzie’s Ultimate Ability will no longer cause disconnects or crashes from the game under certain conditions
  • Lizzie’s Explosive Munitions Skill Card will correctly cause splash damage when killing enemies in defense mode
  • Baird’s Bloody Support Skill Card no longer applies to enemies taking damage from barriers
  • Addressed sporadic hitching occurring in menus, map builder and joining custom games

We have another hotfix, TU 4.2, in the works . As we get closer to the date, we’ll give you more info and what to expect.

All Gnashers, all the time. Throw yourself into Gnasher paradise as you fight to control King hills with nothing but your strafe and your shot (just don’t forget the objective).

In the depths of The Warren, poison Juvies are out and electrifying ones are in! Keep your distance – melee is not your friend against these Juvies.

Our last Versus Event Tour Medal is about to drop and it’s one that speaks to the heart of many a Gears gamer.

Drop 25 kills with the Gnasher in a Versus Weekly Event playlist and 3 easy Stars are all yours.

  • Pixel Omen Assault Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • Pixel Omen Sniper Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • Brain Power Bloodspray – 100 Iron
  • Swarm Emblem Pixel Art Banner -100 Iron
  • Battle Star Mark – 50 Iron

This week’s Store includes a brand new offer in the form of the Operation 1 Bundle!

The Operation Bundle contains the following content from Operation 1 for $19.99 USD:

  • COG Gear Hero (Male and Female)
  • DeeBee Character (Arcade Only)
  • General RAAM Villain
  • Warden Villain
  • Complete Museum Weapon Skin Set
  • 1000 Iron
  • 30 Days of Boost

The Operation 1 Bundle will be available from Tuesday, February 18th following the release of Title Update 4.1.

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