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THIS WEEK IN GEARS 5: Aug 18 – Aug 24

A quick update on Gears 5. The planned TU and Ranked season have been delayed until next Tuesday, August 25. Look out for patch notes and details about the Ranked Season coming in this Thursday’s What’s Up.

Gnasher Only KOTH for Aug 11 - 24, 2020

We’ve extended Gnashers only KOTH for one more week. And as an added bonus, we’ve turned on the Developer’s Playlist tuning.

If you haven’t already given any feedback, make sure to head over to the forums and let us know what you think!

No change here as The Ambush sticks for one last week.

As a reminder, The Ambush is packed with enemies that come at you from unexpected angles. Go slowly (as best as you can with the Venom pushing you) because you never know when you will trigger enemies as they will come at you from everywhere.

Horde Event - Rail Line from Aug 11 until Aug 25, 2020

Grab some friends and ride Rail Line a bit longer. There is only one more week to enjoy this unique map.

Rail Line is a tile-based map that is good size with lots of elevated areas. Take your time to scope out the perfect vertical position to create your base…as an added bonus we’ve added some pretty dense fog just to keep you on your toes.  Good Luck!

The new items in the Gears Store for August 18
  • Farmer Dom – 500 Iron
  • District Full Set – 425 iron
  • Maria’s Angel Mark – 65 Iron
The featured items for the Gear Store for August 18, 2020
  • Wilds Mac – 500 Iron or 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Frigid Blast Full Set – 850 Iron or 6,800 Gears Coins
  • Middle Finger Bloodspray– 250 Iron or 2,000 Gears Coins
  • HUH!? Mark – 65 iron or 500 Gears Coins
Chrome Steel Theron Guard
  • Chrome Steel Theron Guard – $9.99 USD

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