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This Week in Gears – October 5 – 11

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another This Week in Gears blog.

Sharpshooters round up! Keep your sights straight and your head low as you pop skulls to victory—this week’s Versus Event features the Longshot and Markza Mk2 as loadout weapons in FFA 14: Precision! The Longshot will help you in mid to long-range where patience is key, while the Markza MK2’s firepower will get the job done if one bullet is not enough. Or you could always go full blindies. Your choice! Oh, and bullet penetration is on for that sweet, piercing action.

While you’re out there, aim to complete the Precision Medal Group and earn the Island Glow Teal Weapon Set.

Medal NameDescriptionStars
Head HunterGet 20 Headshots in the FFA 14: Precision Versus Event5
Precision VeteranComplete 5 Matches in the FFA 14: Precision Versus Event4
Precisely!Get 75 Eliminations in the FFA 14: Precision Versus Event5
Precision CarnageDeal 75,000 Damage in the FFA: 14 Precision Versus Event5
Precision Medal Group
A Lancer featuring the Island Glow Teal Weapon Skin

This week’s Hive is called The Wanderer, named after the invulnerable (yes, literally un-killable!) Mulcher Scion that walks the halls of Hive. As you navigate towards the exit, you’ll need to work around this unstoppable threat in order to get out – if he makes it onto the Helipad, there’s no escape.

Tougher modifiers for this Hive also make The Wanderer even more effective with quicker movement and ultra-stopping power – which makes running past enemies a thing of the past.

New items available in the Gears 5 Store beginning October 5, 2021
  • Cell Block Marcus – 500 Iron
  • UIR Jack – 500 Iron
  • Propaganda Weapon Set – 850 Iron
  • Salute Banner – 200 Iron
  • Guitar Mark – 125 Iron
The featured items in the Gears store starting on October 5, 2021
  • First Minister Stroud – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Pixel Art Jack – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gears Coins
  • Pixelated Legacy Set – 425 Iron, 3,400 Gears Coins
  • Fighting Pose Expression – 300 Iron, 2,400 Gears Coins
  • Gnasher Pixel Art Banner – 100 Iron, 800 Gears Coins

For the month of October, we want to see your Inktober creations! We know our #GearsFam is filled with talented artists and illustrators, and we want to celebrate that. As always post away with the hashtag #GearsGlory, we’ll be keeping an eye out!

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

Black Steel Locust Beastrider
  • Black Steel Locust Beastrider – 2.99 USD

Canadian Thanksgiving is around the corner so our staff will be on break. We wanted to give you a heads up that this means there won’t be a This Week In Gears for the week of October 11th. The store will keep the same items, in case you still need to grab the phenomenal Cellblock Marcus by then. It will also buy people some time to earn the Island Glow Teal Weapon Set, or just to flat out enjoy the fierce FFA: 14 Precision Event, as it will be sticking around for another week.



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