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Re-up update: 24 hours on

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we released our re-up update across Gears 5. When we released the update, we split it into two parts:

  • Part 1 was to update everyone’s accounts to the correct re-up and level, as well as introduce the new re-up xp requirements per level.
  • Part 2 would then provide the retroactive awards for re-ups you’d gained previously.

As we started on part 2, we ran into a service issue which impacted the game and as a result we saw the following issues:

  • Players who had yet to login had yet to be given the correct re-up and level. (Fixed)
  • Players would be unable to use their skill cards across PvE content. (Fixed)
  • Players would be unable to access their customization options at all. (Fixed)
  • Players would encounter store purchasing issues.

However, we’d like to let you know that we’re still aware of the following issues in-game:

  • Users who were re-up 24 and 25 prior to the update will run into the following issues. If you are seeing these issues please submit a ticket to http://support.gearsofwar.com/ :
    • Their re-up will have been removed.
    • Their cards and medal progress won’t work.
  • Potential store issues with a purchase may still occur. If you feel like you’ve experienced any issues with your purchase, please submit a ticket to http://support.gearsofwar.com/.

When we published the re-up article last Thursday, we provided a re-up 1 – 50 table and the associated rewards, when the update went live yesterday some users correctly mentioned about some rewards they didn’t receive. This was due to a mix-up in the rewards and to help clear up the confusion here is the revised re-up table:

Re-up 1Desert camo Lancer, Gnasher and Snub & 1st Bloodspray
Re-up 2Desert camo Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 3Desert camo Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 4Desert camo Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 5Desert camo Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 6Desert camo Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 7GET SOME! Lancer, Gnasher and Snub
Re-up 8GET SOME! Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 9GET SOME! Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 10GET SOME! Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 11GET SOME! Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 12GET SOME! Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 13Team ICE Lancer
Re-up 14Team ICE Breaker Mace
Re-up 15Team ICE Markza
Re-up 16Team ICE Hammerburst
Re-up 17Team ICE Overkill
Re-up 18Team ICE Boomshot
Re-up 19Team ICE Torque Bow
Re-up 20Team ICE EMBAR
Re-up 21Heroic Marcus
Re-up 22Team ICE Claw
Re-up 23Team ICE Talon
Re-up 24Team ICE Boltok
Re-up 25Team ICE Longshot
Re-up 26Team ICE Snub
Re-up 27Team ICE Lancer GL
Re-up 28Team ICE Retro Lancer
Re-up 29Team ICE Dropshot
Re-up 30Team ICE Enforcer
Re-up 31Team ICE Gnasher
Re-up 32Heroic Ascendant Lancer
Re-up 33Heroic Ascendant Breaker Mace
Re-up 34Heroic Ascendant Markza
Re-up 35Heroic Ascendant Dropshot
Re-up 36Heroic Ascendant Overkill
Re-up 37Heroic Ascendant Boomshot
Re-up 38Heroic Ascendant Claw
Re-up 39Heroic Ascendant Talon
Re-up 40Heroic Ascendant Boltok
Re-up 41Heroic Ascendant Snub
Re-up 42Heroic Ascendant Longshot
Re-up 43Heroic Ascendant EMBAR
Re-up 44Heroic Ascendant Lancer GL
Re-up 45Heroic Ascendant Retro Lancer
Re-up 46Heroic Ascendant Hammerburst
Re-up 47Heroic Ascendant Scorcher
Re-up 48Heroic Ascendant Torque Bow
Re-up 49Heroic Ascendant Enforcer
Re-up 50Heroic Kantus & Heroic Ascendant Gnasher

We want you to have a little more visibility on what’s happened since the re-up update and thank you for your patience and reports during the outage. We’ll continue to monitor and if necessary, keep you all informed on any updates.


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