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What’s Up – May 7th 2020

Marcus executes a Swarm
Gabe runs from the Hammer of Dawn

We’ve been loving seeing your stories emerging from Gears Tactics since it released last week – from newly discovered sneaky strategies to your hilarious squad customization (shout out to the Gears Reddit for Doom Guy and Duke Nukem especially).

We’ve also seen your bug reports, and we’ve been hard at work on delivering our first Title Update for the game. Our first Title Update is focused on addressing some key issues mentioned by the community since release (here’s looking at you, Brumak tabbing bug).

We hope to have news to share very soon on the release date for the update alongside all the patch notes. Stay tuned.

Shooter Control Scheme

The train of Hotfix Updates keeps on rolling this week with the release of TU 5.1.1. This Update was primarily targeted at addressing an Xbox Live compliance issue, but we snuck a couple of fixes in there alongside the release of the new ‘Shooter’ Control Scheme.

This new control scheme separates Roadie Run, Cover Moves and Evade into three different inputs. Roadie Run moves to a ‘shooter traditional’ left stick click, with melee on right stick click. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

See the full update notes here.

This Week In Gears 5, Hyper Dodgeball continues with its signature super-fast respawns alongside a new Store update including a Winter variant of the Swarm Sniper!

Check out everything on offer this week in game in Monday’s This Week In Gears 5 post.

That’s it from us this week. Early next week, we’ll be kicking things off with a bang so keep an eye out.

Until then,

TC, out.

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