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What’s Up – March 19th 2020

Cole holds a Flag and roars while Clayton stands guard

Earlier this week, we revealed the name of Operation 3 along with that stunning Operation key art above. We hope you like it. Totally desktop wallpapered for us.

What does Gridiron mean? What’s that flag Cole is holding? What is the meaning of life? Well, we’ll answer two of those questions next Tuesday when we drop our Operation 3: Gridiron trailer and a special Op 3 edition of What’s Up.

As a reminder, as it stands today, Operation 3 is still on track for March 31st even with the ongoing situation around COVID-19. We’ll keep you apprised if anything changes.

Yesterday, we posted a short but meaningful blog about the future of Ranked Play in Gears 5. Not only do we plan to make meaningful improvements in Operation 3 with what we have today, but we are also reworking the entire Ranking System of Gears 5 to deliver a much-improved Ranked experience in the future based on your feedback.

You can read the full blog outlining our plans here.

This week continues our St. Patrick’s Festivities as we get ever closer to the launch of Operation 3: Gridiron.

  • Free Boost through the end of Operation 2: Free for All
  • St. Patrick’s Event
  • All Operation 2 Characters skins in Store

For full information on all these events and updates, you can read the full article here.

That’s it for this week’s What’s Up. We cannot wait to finally lift the curtain on what we’ve been cooking up and see what you make of it.

Until then, stay safe, enjoy some Gears and we’ll see you on Tuesday for the reveal of Operation 3: Gridiron.

TC, out.

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