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Operations Explained

With the launch of Gears 5 fast approaching, we are excited to introduce Operations!

Dropping every three months, Operations will evolve your Gears 5 Multiplayer Experience with FREE new modes, maps, Characters, major features, customization items and more.

Operations are huge quarterly updates contain a ton of new content including:

Complete Challenges and Earn Medals to progress a fresh Tour of Duty with brand new earnable rewards

Collect new earnable characters including COG Team Heroes, each with their own unique abilities, skills and more. Learn more about Characters here.

Our launch day collection of modes is only the beginning; expect even more modes post-launch beginning with Operation 2.

New arenas for Versus and Horde plus new tiles for Escape Map Builder.

Operations will give us the opportunity to include major new features, such as support for Versus and Horde in Map Builder.

Prepare to master new Hives, battle for your weekly Ranked Division rewards, earn new Supply Drop content and dive into Special Events every single week.

In addition, we’ll also be updating the game regularly to continually improve and refine the game based on your feedback!

Every Operation brings a new Tour of Duty – a season long progression system that is full of free earnable cosmetic content.

Complete daily objectives and seasonal medals to earn Stars that help you rank up in Tour of Duty. Every level you gain, or medal group you complete, will come with a new piece of exclusive customization –  like character skins, weapon skins, executions, blood sprays, banners, expressions, marks and more.

The more you play, the faster you rank up in the Tour of Duty and unlock new content. Select rewards are only available during each Operation – so complete the objectives and get this exclusive content before the Operation ends!

Our launch Tour of Duty contains over 40 customization items to collect! Here’s just some of our favorite content from this first Tour of Duty:

Kait in a Winter Armor variant
Del in a Winter Armor variant
Fahz in a Desert Armor variant
Kait in a Desert Armor variant
Del in a Desert Armor variant
A chromatic red or blue Gnasher (depending on team) called Team Metal
The Breaker Mace is shown with the text Final Touch Execution

While there’s so much fresh content to dive into with the release of Gears 5, our first Operation has even more to look forward to!

Come back every day for three new Tour of Duty objectives to earn stars that progress your Tour Rank and earn you customization rewards.

Every week, there is a feature Escape Hive to conquer, rewards for your division rank (including placement skins at key weeks) and new customization content added to Supply and the Store.

Every month, we’ll release updates that continue to improve the game with features and fixes. In October, we’ll be introducing our first ever Character roster update including brand new COG Heroes for Versus, Horde and Escape!

October will also see the return of Special Events, from old fan favorites to new breakout hits. And yes, you can bet we’ve got something up our sleeve for Halloween!

September marks the start of a long journey together over the years ahead on Gears 5.

With Operations, we are taking our post-launch support to the next level. With all of this free content, plus a regular cadence of exclusive killer cosmetic items in the Gears 5 Store, we think this will be the most dynamic and exciting post-launch Gears has ever had.

As always, it’s a journey we take together. We’ll be listening to your feedback and ideas to help guide the development of our Updates and Operations every step of the away. Launch is just the beginning!

See you out there in just a few days,


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