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This Week In Gears 5: March 17-23

A squad of COG soliders face off against a squad of Swarm enemies

We know that, for many of you out there, the recent social measures being taken to help tackle COVID-19 mean you are probably self-isolating at home.

One of the things we love most about making (and playing) video games is that they are an escape from the world  whether you’re diving in alone or socializing with friends (or strangers!) in online lobbies. In times like this, more than ever, we love that video games can be there for anyone.

During this time, we’re giving everyone Free Boost until the launch of Operation 3 (which is still targeting March 31st at this time). Free Boost nets you 2XP for Multiplayer XP, Character XP and double the rate of Supply Drops!

Our St Patrick’s Event continues this week with 7 days more to grab the earnable Shamrock Weapon Skins and battle it out in Luck of the Draw.

As an added little bonus, jump online on  Tuesday, March 17th to pick up a free St Patrick’s themed Blood Spray and Banner to add to your collection!

Over the next two weeks in the Store, we’ll be offering up a second opportunity to grab Operation 2 Characters and Weapon Skins you may have missed over the past 12 weeks.

This week, it’s all about the Characters! Here’s a full list of all the skins returning this week:

Desert Baird Character Skin
Bolter Character Skin
  • Collector’s Onyx Guard Male Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Collector’s Onyx Guard Female Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • COG Corpse Character Skin – 250 Iron
  • Winter Armor Baird Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Desert Baird Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Mechanic Baird Character Skin – 250 Iron
  • Nutcracker Shepherd DB Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Hivebuster Marcus Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Mechanic Lizzie Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Winter Armor JD Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Winter Armor Fahz Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Bolter Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Cyclops Locust Drone Character Skin – 500 Iron
  • Helmetless Warden Character Skin – 250 Iron
  • Pixel Art Jackbot Character Skin – 500 Iron

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