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This Week in Gears – September 7 – 13

Hello everyone! Welcome to another This Week in Gears blog where we bring you up to speed with everything in-game this week.

September 10 marks the second anniversary of Gears 5! To celebrate two years of gibs, we’re running a combo with a reward and a 5X XP event, from now September 6 until Monday, September 13, 10 am PT. What’s the reward? The iconic V-Day Marcus skin, for free!

Everyone who plays a match in any PvP or PvE mode during the 5X XP event will earn V-Day Marcus. Do keep in mind that the skin will be awarded retroactively once Op 8 Drop 2 rolls out, so sit back and go on a few Gnasher duels while we deploy.

Marcus with the V-Day skin
The One Shot One Kill badge

One Shot One Kill is sticking around for one more week. Keep those multi-headshot clips coming!

As a reminder, complete the below medal group and you will unlock the Island Glow Green Weapon Set.

Medal NameDescriptionStars
That All You Got? Complete 5 Matches in OSOK
Look Ma, No FaceGet 100 Eliminations in OSOK 5
Let’s Go, Who’s Up Next?Win 5 Rounds in OSOK 
Island Glow Green Weapon Set Medal Group

This Featured Hive has a very simple description: “Just run, run, run!” Outrun the venom and get to the exit!

An emptry and severely damaged experimental lab
New Items available this week in the Gears Store
  • Heroic Lahni – 40,000 Gears Coins
  • Stranded Weapon Set– 850 Iron
  • Rainbow Jack – 1,500 Iron
  • Vamos Bloodspray – 250 Iron
  • 7/8 Banner – 200 Iron
Featured Items available this week in the Gears Store
  • Nomad [Male] – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Nomad [Female] – 250 Iron, 2,000 Gears Coins
  • Neon Glow Legacy Set – 850 Iron, 6,800 Gears Coins
  • 83% Mark – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gears Coins
  • Domination Bloodspray – 125 Iron, 1,000 Gears Coins

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

  • Black Steel Locust Grenadier – 2.99 USD

The team will be performing server updates and have a scheduled downtime running on September 8 from 8 am PT for approximately two hours. This will impact all gameplay, so we wanted to give you a heads up!

For the month of September, we’ll be focusing on Customization Clips! We want to see photos/videos/gifs of your in-game creations whether it’s a Custom Match with giant RAAM heads or a recreation of iconic Gears moment with your favorite characters!

As always post away with the hashtag #GearsGlory, we’ll be keeping an eye out!


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