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What’s Up – August 22nd 2019

A squad of COG soldiers battle against a huge number of Swarm, as an unknown Boss enemy looms over them roaring. The What's Up logo is shown.

Welcome back to What’s Up! With Gears 5 almost here, we’re back to a weekly cadence delivering you your weekly dose of Gears news and a look back at anything you might have missed.

Here’s what’s up in Gears of War this week:

  • Campaign Story Trailer
  • Horde is revealed, including gameplay, first details and more!
  • Extensive look at Gears 5 on PC, including Steam
  • Halo Characters come to Gears of War
  • Gears x AAPE Partnership continues
  • Gears Pop! launches today!
  • What to expect between here and launch

…So a lot then!

If you haven’t already seen it, what are you waiting for?

With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera – herself.

This Campaign Story Trailer is meant to give you a slight taste of what’s waiting for you in our Campaign this September. You’ll be hearing more about Campaign closer to launch, as we shift from Horde this month to Campaign next month.

The main focus of Gamescom has been the reveal of Horde, and we couldn’t be more excited to have it out there. We’ve pushed Gears 5 Horde to be a more dynamic experience, with Heroes that have their own unique playstyle, territory control mechanics and the introduction of a new way to play – Jackbot!

Our Horde Explained Trailer above is packed with footage and details on what to expect from Gears 5 Horde. If you want even MORE detail, check out our deep dive blog post here.

In addition, as part of our gamescom reveal, we wanted to get some unfiltered Horde footage out there in the community.

If you’re looking to see Horde in action, you’ll want to check out the videos by TheRazoredEdge below – who got a full taste of Horde. (Psst.. We hear a full 50 wave run video is on the way too!).

If you are attending gamescom, or you live near one of the 9 participating Microsoft Stores in North America, grab a squad and you can also go play Gears 5 Horde before anyone else too! A full list of participating stores can be found here.

If you can’t, we’ve got you covered. Later today (August 22nd) on our Gears Weekly Developer Stream, we’ll (try) to run 50 waves of Horde live on air! Join us at at 3pm PT, ask us your questions and join in the fun.

Gears 5 is coming to PC and we couldn’t be more excited. As of this week, Steam pre-orders are now also available including Gears 5: Ultimate Edition!

Our team have continued to push our PC version to new heights, including Super Ultra Wide support, HDR and Dolby Atmos®, 35+ customizable graphics settings and way more than we can fit into What’s Up!

For full details on Gears 5 on PC and what to expect from the game on Steam, head on over to our Gears 5 PC blog.

Our Ultimate Edition Character Pack has been revealed. Yes, this is happening – it’s the Halo: Reach Character Pack!

Emile and Kat are two legendary Spartan-III heroes from Halo: Reach who are now joining the ranks of Gears 5 Multiplayer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers or Ultimate Edition owners!

Emile and Kat don’t just look fantastic in Versus – they are also fully-fledged Hero characters playable in Horde and Escape, complete with their own unique abilities, loadouts and skills.

On top of two incredible Characters, the Halo: Reach Character Pack also contains a whole host of Halo: Reach themed hotness including:

  • Emile-A239 Character
  • Kat-B320 Character
  • Noble Team Animated Jack Skin
  • Noble Team Banner
  • Noble Team Blood Spray
  • Noble Team Mark
  • Noble Team Animated Weapon Set
The Gears 5 and AAPE By A Bathing Ape logo on a red camo pattern

Our partnership with iconic clothing brand AAPE by A Bathing Ape® continues with a brand new RED hot streetwear collection!

While our Gears 5 x AAPE announcement collection was only available at E3, this new limited capsule collection will be dropping on August 30th in the AAPE LA Store and Stadium Goods in New York (47 Howard St). And BOY do we want all of it!

If you can’t make it to either location, limited quantities will also be available September 3rd via the Xbox Official Online Store at

Just as AAPE has brought Gears out of the game onto their streetwear, we’re bringing AAPE into Gears!

Beginning on September 6th, the Gears 5 x AAPE by A Bathing Ape ® Customization Pack will be available in the Gears 5 Store. This special Customization Pack features:

  • Kait Diaz x AAPE Blue Camo Hoodie
  • AAPE Black Camo Weapon Skin Set
  • AAPE Bloodspray
  • AAPE Mark
  • AAPE Blue Camo Banner

P.S – We are LOVE the glowing logo on the Weapon Skin.

If you were looking for a Gears 5 centerpiece for your collection, look no further.

The official Gears 5 Kait Diaz premium statue from First 4 Figures is a beauty and available in three variants! Featuring her Gears 5 winter armor, functional LEDs, interchangeable weapons, and a plethora of other features, this is a statue worthy of a Gears collector.

See all three variants and find out more here.

We are so excited to announce that Gears POP! is available to download RIGHT NOW on iOS, Google Play and – surprise! – Windows 10 PC.

Gears POP! puts characters from across the franchise together in the ever charming style of Funko Pop! Build your deck of characters and take on explosive PVP battles, or head into the newly announced Horde co-op mode with a friend to take on General RAAM himself!

For you Achievement aficionados, the game also packs 1000G of achievements including a brand new Seriously. Seriously! Check them out here.

For more on Gears POP!, head to or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Two weeks from today, beginning with Australia, Gears 5 Early Access will begin to roll out around the world. Where did the time go right?!

With your wait almost over, we know you have burning questions you want answered. To allay your concerns, here’s the major information still to come before Early Access launch:

  • Characters Explained
  • Pre-Download for all platforms
  • Launch Multiplayer Maps reveal
  • Our Post-Launch Plans
  • What to expect from our launch Tour of Duty
  • The Future of Gears 4 after Gears 5
  • More surprises!

That’s it from us this week! Don’t forget to join us at 3pm PT today on for our Gears Weekly Developer Stream as we play Horde on newly revealed map Vasgar. See you then.

TC, out.

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