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This Week In Gears 5 is our quick-fire Monday update to fill you in on everything happening in-game for Gears 5 over the next week!

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of March 10th – 17th:

Kait and JD face off against incoming Swarm

Gears 5 Horde Frenzy is a 12-wave Horde experience that condenses the Horde experience you know and love into a smaller, bitesize format – lasting on average of around 30 minutes.

Horde Frenzy will be available on three maps – Exhibit, Forge and District – via matchmaking only as a new permanent playlist beginning Tuesday at ~1pm PT! Learn more about Horde Frenzy here.

To mark the release of Horde Frenzy, we’re enabling a full WEEK of Free Boost beginning on Tuesday. Boost gets you double Multiplayer experience, double Character Experience and double Supply gain rates for as long as you have it.

On top of that, we’re also doubling Horde Character XP from Tuesday at ~1pm PT until next week! That means you’ll be getting 4x the standard Character XP rates (without Boost) whether you are playing Horde or Horde Frenzy.

Shamrock Weapon Skin

St Patrick’s is almost upon us, so it’s time to fire up our next seasonal event with the random Arms Race mayhem of Luck of the Draw and a new Shamrock loadout weapon skin set to earn!

Brace for mayhem in this variant of Arms Race where the weapon order is mixed up every match!

These new Shamrock weapon skins are up for grabs for the duration of the event – and yours by simply picking up 50 kills in any online mode in Versus, Horde or Escape!

Both Luck of the Draw and the Shamrock Loadout Weapon Skins will be available from Tuesday 10th March at ~1pm PT until Tuesday 24th March at ~10am PT.

TU4.2 arrives on Tuesday morning (PT) to add Horde Frenzy support and deliver some key fixes like flashbang hitmarkers, Boomshot inconsistency, point changes for Hill Caps/Breaks and more. For a full list of 4.2 update notes, head here.

  • Mechanic Baird Character Skin* – 250 Iron
  • Neon Wave Power Pack Weapon Skins – 500 Iron
  • Tilted Blood Spray – 200 Iron
  • Loadout Banner – 100 Iron
  • Top Hat Mark – 50 Iron

*Reminder: purchasing a Character Skin does not include access to the Character. Use of Character Skins requires the base Character to be unlocked before associated skins can be used.

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