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This Week in Gears – July 13 – 19

Hello everyone! Another This Week in Gears awaits!

The Torque Bow Tag Logo on a redish background

Nothing fancy here… Torque Bow Tag returns for a special Versus event playlist! There are no mutators, no bots and this game mode is all down to your skill with a Torque Bow.

Like the childhood game just with less touching (no melee) and a little more on the line…like instead of being “it” you blow up.

Torque Bow Tag is a 5v5 TDM playlist where all players spawn with just a 5-shot Torque Bow. Nothing but regular tuning here so a kill is as simple as revving up and landing your shots. All weapons on the map have also been replaced to provide additional ammo.

Charge ‘em up!

An ice cavern with a sliver a light visible

A hive with split paths and a choice between two saferooms.

The new items, now available in the Gears 5 store
  • Heavy Armor Commando Duo – 350 Iron
  • Heavy Armor Akagi – 250 Iron
  • Heavy Armor Sanguino – 250 Iron
  • Commando Weapon Set – 425 Iron
  • COG Commando Banner – 100 Iron
The featured items in the Gears store
  • Tactics Onyx Guard Duo – 750 Iron, 6,000 Gear Coins
  • Tactics Onyx Guard Casan – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gear Coins
  • Tactics Onyx Guard Vermelo – 500 Iron, 4,000 Gear Coins
  • Onyx Guard Legacy Set – 300 Iron, 2,380 Gear Coins (30% off!)
  • COG Gear Banner – 100 Iron, 800 Gear Coins

And here is what you can expect across the world of esports in Gears 5!

The mid-season split has just concluded! Keep an eye on the next steps for the Gears Pro League on!

The full information on this week’s matches and standings!

Chrome Steel Dom
  • Chrome Steel Dom – 9.99 USD
The Lucha Libre Weapon Set
  • Lucha Libre Weapon Set – 9.99 USD

Our specially themed Gears Glory this month is all focused on Pets! For this, we’ve been asking you to send us your adorable images of you and your Pets!

And as always, we’ve picked out some favorites!

  • This player 2 stands ready to serve the COG (they promised sausages)
a dog with the crimson omen behind it
  • No words needed for this one
Barkus Fenix - a dog wearing the Marcus Fenix costume from Gears of War

Two weeks ago, we ran a surprise Double XP/CXP event, this didn’t quite go to plan as we didn’t grant a boost to everyone and only those who had boost active got the actual XP boosts.

To make up for this, we’re going to run this same XP event this Friday, July 16 at 9:00 AM PDT/5:00 PM UTC, this will run until Monday, July 19. In this event, everyone will be granted a one-day boost for each day the XP weekend is active.


Commemorating the upcoming Gears of War’s 15th anniversary, The Coalition and Laced Records have joined forces to bring stunning remasters of the original trilogy soundtracks to vinyl and streaming music platforms.

All three remastered soundtracks are now available to stream and buy digitally on major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon.

Pre-order and listen today!

In addition to the above, we’ll be releasing the following server updates:

  • Updated the Control rings on Foundation and Checkout
  • The Bot Backfill option in Custom Free For All games has now been defaulted on.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in multiple boss spawns in Horde Frenzy
  • Capture the Flag changes:
    • Spawn protection has been updated to 3 seconds (up from 2).
    • Respawn times have been reduced from 12 seconds to 11.
    • Capture the Flag has been added to the Quickplay Objective playlist.
    • Respawn time has been added as a custom option in Capture the Flag.
  • Disbanding a competitive match in the pre-game lobby will apply penalty points to your account, if you get too many, you’ll have to then complete community service to play in competitive again.

And as always, take care and have a wonderful week!


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