Gears 5 Status

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Known Issues

Online Stability

Status: Work Ongoing

We are consistently working on server-side updates to improve online stability as fast as we can. Our services are stable, but a couple of issues remain that we are currently investigating:

  • Being dropped from Horde matches
  • Session instability for Campaign Co-Op

Deployed fixes:

  • Decreased number of disconnects from online matches
  • Dramatically improved time to match
  • Addressed infinite loading into Campaign in Single Player
  • General stability improvements

Progression Issue

Status: Resolved – Progression Rollout Underway

We have now resolved this issue and a rollout of saved stats during the period where Progression was not being awarded is underway. This process will take numerous hours, and we will update this page when the rollout is complete.

Additionally, we have work in progress to address the Collectibles, Chapter Progress and related achievements.

This covers Tour of Duty, the End of Match flow, Character Levels, Level / XP and Campaign profession.

Stats Issue

Status: Resolved

We have deployed a fix for Stats and are now seeing them perform as expected.

Related issues:

  • Unable to select Modifers, including Modifiers disappearing in menus
  • Campaign collectibles registering as collected in-game but not appearing in the Collectibles Menu
  • End of match stat errors
  • Stats displaying as 0 in the War Journal
  • Leaderboards not loading

Service Notifications

Update: 5:45pm PT
We have been gathering reports from some players missing collectibles and chapter progression, including related achievement progress. We have a plan to target resolving this and work is underway. We’ll keep you apprised of any updates.

Update: 12:45pm PT
Services remains stable, though we continue to address disconnects for Campaign and Horde. The Progression catch-up roll-out is mostly complete. Tour and Character Skills are most affected by this. We’ll post when it’s finished

September 8th

Update: 10:10pm PT
The progression and stats issue is now resolved. Over the next few hours, your Tour of Duty, XP, rank, Character levels, and end of match flow should slowly return to their correct state. We will update when this backlog has been completed.

Update: 8:10pm PT
We have fixed an issue causing infinite saving checkpoints. We no longer are seeing this problem; however, if you are experiencing this, we want to hear from you. We’re still working on Progression. At this time, Progression is saved but very delayed.

Progression covers Tour of Duty, XP, Levels, Character Levels, End of Match Flow and more.

Update: 3:00pm PT
Due to the large number of people playing our game since Early Access launch, we’ve encountered a few scalability issues with our back-end servers and services that have impacted players. 

Specifically for players experiencing issues with Campaign, the majority of reported issues seem to be related to the ‘infinite checkpoint saving’ state – which is apparent when the Checkpoint Saving notification in the bottom left runs for more than 20 seconds.

If you encounter this issue, please quit to main menu immediately. At that point, re-enter the Campaign and continue to play. This should prevent loss of progression (other than your last checkpoint save) and avoid many of the resultant issues this can cause.

Thank you so much for your patience. The team at The Coalition is actively working to improve overall game stability as quickly as possible. To stay up to date on the latest information, please visit

Update: 12:30pm PT
We are rolling out a deployment over the next 30m.

During this time, you may experience an increased amount of disconnects, but the end result will be a general increase to stability. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Update: 8:45am PT
We are deploying a server side update to help reduce the number of disconnects in online play. While this happens, you may be kicked out of a MP game as the update is released

September 7th

Update: 9:00pm PT
We’re happy to say the recent update has fixed issues with stats, achievements and post-match. However, it will take time for the services to catch up to the volume of stats posted since launch. As always, thanks for your patience.

Update: 7:30pm PT
We have identified a second issue with the stats service. All stats have been recorded, but players have issues retrieving them. We are close to a fix, and apologize for any service disruption. We will post an update as soon as we deploy.

Update: 12:45pm PT
We have addressed an issue that was a significant contributor to players dropping from online Campaign co-op sessions. If you were encountering issues connecting or maintaining a connection in Campaign Co-Op, please try again now.

Update: 10:30am PT
Stats are now functioning as intended. You can review your campaign collectibles and MP stats in the quick menu. Note: As the system processes the backlog, it may take a while for stats and achievements to update.

Update: 8:00am PT
Good morning! The team has analyzed the ‘gathering results’ data and feel they have identified the stats problem. An update is being deployed that should resolve the issue. Please visit for help and to report issues.

September 6th

Update: 11:05pm PT
We have deployed an update that has meaningfully reduced instances of players being dropped from online matches. We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming hours.

Update: 8:00pm PT
We are deploying a number of server-side updates to address stats and continue improving stability. While these updates deploy, you may experience some disruption to active game sessions. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Update: 4:20pm PT
We hear your reports on Stats related issues including Campaign Collectibles not appearing in the menu and Mutator selection disappearing.

We have identified the issue and are working to deploy a fix as soon as possible.

Update: 2:20pm PT
The team have been heads down implementing several server-side updates over the past few hours.

We have seen a decline in the number of disconnects occurring, and as we continue to work on additional updates. Stand by for further news soon.

Update: 9:50am PT
We are deploying an update to improve matchmaking times and lobby dissolves. Players may be kicked out of matches during this rollout.

Thanks for your patience. We will continue to monitor and provide details.

Update: 8:00am PT
We are seeing reports from a small percentage of users that are experiencing difficulty matchmaking and/or getting disconnected from online services. We are actively investigating the issue and are working hard to get all users connected ASAP.

Update: 1:25am PT
Following our latest deployment, we are seeing a dramatic improvement to service stability. The team will now be monitoring the impact of this change to determine if additional updates are needed. Thank you for your patience.

September 5th

Update: 12:30 am PT
Over the next 15 minutes, we are deploying a server side update that will enable a portion of users back online to play. While this happens, you may be kicked out of multiplayer games as the update is released. Thanks for your patience.

Update: 11:55pm PT
Our team is working hard on fixes for several issues blocking some users from connecting online (inc. Campaign). You’ll see this as ‘Connecting’ in the bottom right of the main menu. We’ll provide updates as we progress towards a solution.

Update: 10:20pm PT
We are about to deploy a server side update targeting increased stability.

Over the next 15 minutes, you may be kicked out of multiplayer games as the update rolls out. Thanks for your understanding as we look to address issues.

Update: 9:15pm PT
We have deployed further updates that have continued to improve stability, but we are still tracking down a few remaining issues.

If you are experiencing issues getting into Campaign, please reboot the game.

Update: 8:15pm PT
We’re continuing to improve stability and in-game content, and we’ll post updates as they become available.

Update: 7:30pm PT
We have deployed server-side updates to improve stability and are seeing positive improvements. We are continuing to deploy further improvements as quickly as possible.

Original Post
We are aware of some service stability with getting into games or accessing your profile in Gears 5 due to a huge influx of users beyond the scale of our Tech Test.

We are working to mitigate this asap and get you playing. Thanks for your patience.