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The Gears 5 Anniversary (Bumble) Bundle

Three Gears 5 characters in different poses looking forward

It was almost one year ago that Gears 5 came out and to celebrate we were planning a surprise character drop.

And then Tuesday happened…

The good news is our mistake is your benefit. Head to the store tomorrow to pick up E-Day Minh, Armored Sam and Uzil Sraak for 250 Iron or 2,000 Coins each. And for those of you quick enough to purchase these characters yesterday, make sure to check your inventory.

We’re also rolling out our Gears 5 Anniversary (Bumble) Bundle – 1,800 Iron.

  • E-Day Minh 
  • Armored Sam
  • Uzil Sraak
  • Collector’s Minh
  • V-Day Sam
  • Collector’s Sraak
  • Equalizer weapon set
  • Minh banner
  • Sam banner
  • Sraak banner
  • Deadweight bloodspray
  • Bodied bloodspray

Happy early anniversary everyone!

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